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Views, clicks and impressions going down


I don’t know the reason for it but it’s been going down for over a month and I don’t know what to do. ALL my gigs (I have 4) have been doing that. Before that happened I added a video to all of them, a SEO description, images, FAQ… And the views kept going up until this started to happen. I still recieve orders but I’m sure not as many as I used to. Any reasons why that could happen? Thanks a lot!


Fiverr is volatile and they don’t promise anyone to rank their gig high.

Some days you are doing better some days others. Sometimes when you edit your gig it can be removed from the search for some time.

Anyway if you want to find more you can literally copy title that you created for this topic, insert in the search box on top the forum and you’ll find a looooot of people in the same situation discussing it all over again.


Thank you so much! I did search in Fiverr but found some that were talking about the views going down for a day or week, and since mine have been doing that for more time I thought maybe there was something more to it. Thanks again!