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Views = clicks Not Equal to orders


i am bit confused, i don’t why i don’t have much orders.
On my WordPress Gig. i got,
48K Impressions
823 Clicks
41 Orders

But only 41 orders, in which some clients are old, So we can take it 34 - 36 orders.
Why Orders are so much less. What should i do in order to increase them…


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Usually, everything above 3% of the views purchasing your gig is great. Everything above 5% is awesome, what goes above 10% is phenomenal. Maybe, you should try changing your gig description or proofread the one that you have. Make sure to use great gig photos. I have never used a video for my gigs, but I do think that it might be helpful.

Invest in your skills, a lot of books, a new faster computer, go on courses about business, communication, negotiations and such. Preferably, you can read “My Grammar and Me (Or Should That Be I)”, it’s a great book that helps you improve your grammar and style during your communication in English, it has helped me a lot.

IN SHORT: Invest in your skills, update your gigs with decent extras, optimize your packages.

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