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Views dropped to 0

Hi! I create my account 6 months ago. After 1 month without getting any sales, I decided to quit. I forgot to pause all my gigs and after 2 weeks my “stats” (Response rate) went down, and then I paused all my gigs. Now I’m back on Fiverr and I resumed all my gigs, but after a week I literally get 0 views (even if my stats now are all at 100%). What should I do? Create a new account? It’s against the ToS delete my current profile and “copy-paste” all my current gigs? It’s beneficial?

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No need to create a new account.
Just Stay online, Send buyer requests, Share your Gigs.
It will bring you some views


Are you sure? I literally get 0 views. 0-1 buyer request/day. I remember that this wasn’t like this before

Have you made any edits to your gigs yet? You’re back, but now you might have to show the algorithm that your active, and that might be the easiest way. (No one knows the algorithm, but I think this is a reasonable guess.) This is one of the rare exceptions where I recommend editing a gig even when it’s not necessarily needed.

On further look, though, maybe you do need it anyway.
(IMG) point 2: your amazon gig’s image is badly cropped. Also, (PPD) point 1, and if you choose not to, then (DES) point 3.

You might also need to market yourself outside Fiverr to bring in some traffic, which might help.

Thanks for your advice! Anyway, I forgot to say that I received an order this week from a Facebook group about translation. Isn’t it enough to show the algorithm that I’m active? I keep getting “social clicks” only.

No one knows the algorithm.
Getting the order might be enough, now that it’s finished and delivered (noticed ‘recent delivery’ was 23hrs ago). I did just think of something else you can check: in your profile settings, there’s an "Online Status’ switch that might be ‘offline’.

I already checked it and it’s fine. I don’t know, probably the algorithm does not trust me anymore cause I’ve quit for months. I also received a review from this order. I’ll wait 1 more week and if nothing happens ill create a new account.

Be sure you get permission from customer support before you do. (As you asked in your OP, yes it is against the TOS to have duplicate accounts.) It’s a tedious process, and not much is for-sure known about it because it’s rarely permitted and/or a last resort. You’ll also be loosing the reviews you’ve already earned.

You mentioned 0 views, but what about impressions and clicks?