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Views going up but no orders

Hello :smiley:

I have put up my gigs for about 1.5 weeks now and thankfully my impressions and clicks are only growing, but, I am concerned that my gigs have a problem? I haven’t gotten any orders so far and I know that that is normal for a starter, I just want to make sure that my gigs are okay and that they don’t repel customers.



Great! Initially your impressions and clicks increase,but for the most part,Everyone gets first order by using Buyer requests properly. And Clicks matter the most as compare to impressions. Work on the description you send to Buyers to get orders.

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Thank you, but, how can I improve my buyer requests?

Go in buyer request option. & send 10 buyer requests daily

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What are your starting prices? I started with 5$ and after 2 days i got my first 3 order. I have maximum amount of 7 gigs in a few different niches.

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I have 2 gigs their starting price is $5 and 1 is $10, I will try to expand my niches also.

Start with 5$, you can always increase your prices. For example my recent order was 5$ but I got 10$ Tips for a killer wordpress optimization. :slight_smile:

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A lot of window shopping right now it seems. Due to holiday factors.
So its especially hard for new sellers.