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Views,impression is a sign that u will get your order fast?

Hi guys my gigs are growing faster my gigs views and impression and clicks are growing up can u tell me is it is sign that u will get your order fast ?


The more impressions and views you get, the better. That said, whether you get orders depends on the quality of the gigs themselves and what you provide that’s unique and useful.


This isn’t a numbers game, so don’t fall into that trap. My best selling gig is the one that has the least number of impressions. When people click on it, they generally buy it. The only true sign of orders is when orders come through!


Like stated above, the number of views your gig receives would make you have a better chance of getting order however, it’s your duty to create great gig images and correct and appropriate gig descriptions.

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Can you please explain it? Because I’ve personally seen and observed that numbers do matter, when the impressions, views and clicks increase, the more exposure your gig gets the more chances of getting orders increase.
This is my personal observation so anybody can oppose it and share their personal experience.


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It means i have chances now to get my 1st order

That has been my experience too. I have some gigs that WOULD be incredibly popular since they have been amazing sellers in the past that are not seen or getting many impressions at all. And the one that gets the most impressions rarely if ever gets a sale so in my opinion the impressions and views are not a good indicator of anything in general.

However my gig that gets the second most impressions is my best seller, only because of it’s high visibility in the rankings. So I can’t count on the impressions or views to tell me much of anything since it varies so much.


Well, there’s another thing which counts a lot that, if your gig maintains it’s position in Recommended section then it also gets orders, and I think in this case, impressions views don’t matter much.

Any how I’m confused because right now I’m not got orders and I can see my best selling gigs are going down in ranking.

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It can depend on the category, but many of my gigs are specific (specific is terrific!) so when people click I already know that there are not many alternatives and I have spoken to their direct need.

For instance, the difference between the gigs -

"I will write for you.“
"I will write on real estate or property for you.”

The clicks on the 2nd one are already honed in to what I do. The first, well, there are thousands of people offering that on Fiverr.


I got your point. Infact there’s a tip in your statement and I’m gonna follow it definitely. Thank you so much mate. :slight_smile:

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