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Views, Impressions, Clicks & Conversion


What is meant by View, Impressions, clicks and Conversions, what does it mean if the Red Arrow is going down? How to convert RED ARROW into GREEN ARROW (Going upward)?

Your advises are highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards
Designer Stroke

Start with this one

Thank Uxreview… :grinning:

But how to improve it… Do I regularly change the images of my GiGs Thumb nail?


Do you think the thumbnails are holding you back?

What? Please clarify?

You asked

I asked why would you change thumbnails?

You should compare your gigs to other gigs available but dont copy just compare and find out what is the cause of red arrow. than fix it.

Actually, Impressions, Views, Clicks are going down :tired_face:

Thanks a lot Iqraislam14

Well, good luck. Hopefully it will change

Welcome… :slightly_smiling_face:

So what shud I do?:roll_eyes: