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Views, Impressions & clicks going down according to fiverr app only?


Hi everyone, Since past two days my views, impression & clicks are going down & i don’t know what’s the reason? What’s more confusing is the fact that i can see the negative slope of my gigs, impression & views only on my fiverr app & it’s not reflecting the same when i open fiverr on my laptop?

Please help me with this issue.


Same problem. Can anyone help me too??:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


If no one sees your gigs.
That means no one buys your gigs.

Promoting is the right thing


I have the same problem too. In the app it’s showing sometimes that my impressions, views and clicks are getting lower, but whenever I go on the site, it tells met that everything is going up.


Hi @creativemelon , I’m on the same boat as you & i myself am perplexed about this issue. Keep looking for the answers & if you get one then please share with me & i’ll do the same as well.


Hi @backlinks_index , i’m not quite sure what you are trying to say here. Can you please explain a bit?


Hi @onepaperfold & this is exactly what’s happening with me as well. Try optimizing your gig title, keywords & see if your issue gets fixed, and if you come to know about any solution for this problem then please share with me.


One of my friend who is working here about more than a year, said to be online as much as I can and market in twitter and linkedin but not to make spamming there. I am having problem for the word 'spamming" :wink: Means when ever I do marketing there it says spam. Little bit worried about it. Maybe youtube may help!


so you mean to say that you spam people on linkedin & twitter? huh, i really don’t know how to get help regarding this?


No, I didn’t mean you to span nor I, I meant to market in the social media but without spamming. And I spammed when I was new to fiverr and of course not knowing it! and now I even do not market my gigs in social medias.

So bro, don’t take me wrong.