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Views of my gig dropped significantly

Hi, i was wondering if anyone also noticed a significant drop in their gig views after the paid promotions were introduced . I personally have a good 50% drop in my views . I am not sure if thats how the things were supposed to work or if its fair. I am elligible for the gig promotions by the way, just havent felt the need so far but now i feel like im forced to pay for my gigs to be seen instead of doing my job properly and getting good reviews. Thanks for reading

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I have a 75% drop in clicks, maybe even more than that, and that’s compared to my worst days. So yes, I barely have any views, my gigs are in the back of the pile and you can’t even find them in search. Not sure if we are forced to pay for a promotion or not, but I don’t have the feature anyway, plus I wouldn’t use it.

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i do have the feature but when i try to promote it, it says " your gig doesnt meet the requirements for promotion" which is well, weird

You can see the categories and requirements here

i do meet all those requirements , except the quality metrics i do not know what that means

Most likely cancellations, on-time deliveries…etc

breakdown of my analytics, response time avarage is 1 hours. also why did they bother giving me eligibility if i dont meet the requirements :smiley:

Same thing has many highly rated sellers. I thinks You also have low stats, because your gig was thrown on last page. CS doesn’t see in this anything wrong, and just ignores this problem

Think of it kind of like a sports team recruitment: Just because 50 kids are good enough to play well (eligible), doesn’t mean they’ll all make the team(qualify).

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