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Views, where art thou? - 0 views, not showing up in search

Hello! I’m kikuyooo, but you can call me Kiko! I’m a hobby artist! ^o^

Oh hell, I really, really don’t want to be that girl, buuut I just have to ask. Sorry^^ I know that questions like these are hated :confused: I read around the forum and found some old threads, maybe something changed! I’m new von fiverr and as the title says I don’t really know what to do now. People would probably say something like “you need some luck, post on social media” or whatever, but I guess that’s just basic advice stuff that I can’t really follow since I don’t use social media (and if I would create a facebook or twitter account I would only have like 10 or 20 friends since nobody I know uses it and I don’t have many friends), that wouldn’t really help - and I never had luck, so I guess it’s impossible for me to get discovered. ._.

  • Maybe I need some reviews or something like that? I guess that it takes some courage to be the first person to order or write something, but I can’t really attract new people without anyone being the first one xD

  • I think my tags aren’t that bad? I wrote something like “anime” and “character”, basic stuff, but specific! :o I don’t know what’s wrong with them because it doesn’t show up in the search … I have “anime characters” as tag, but when I type it into the search it doesn’t appear.

  • I have the feeling that people see the thumbnail and think “Oh that looks so ugly ugh I won’t click”, that would be depressing, but I … I don’t think that my art is THAT bad? x.x I mean there are some people seeling worse stuff I think (not trying to judge or something, it’s just from what I saw, I think that the proportions are “okay”, I saw some people selling fan art of really disproportioned anime characters for 20$)

-> I don’t want to sound cocky or anything, I just think that my stuff isn’t 100% ugly, maybe only 90%^^

I don’t know what to do ahhh >o<

Hello, and welcome to the platform! I’m new myself.

The first thing I’d suggest is to approach the platform with the eyes of a potential buyer - we’re (naturally) very focused on what we create and provide, but we’re not our own target audiences! You need to get a feel for what others are offering in terms of skill, price, format, etc.

The second thing I’d suggest is to make social media accounts. I’ve seen conflicting information on whether posting gigs on, say, twitter helps or is just a wash, but here’s the thing: no one needs to follow you to see your posts, if they’re public. Make a twitter or IG account under your “pen name” if staying anon is important to you, and hashtag terms people would be searching for, like #OCAnimeCharacter or something like that…you know your own niche better than I do. When you do this, whenever anyone searches that term on the site - even if they don’t follow you - they’ll see your public-privacy post on it, including your URL for Fiverr.

Get creative with your thumbnail, too. Maybe draw what the Fiverr logo would look like as an anime girl!

I guess the social media thing is something I can’t avoid after all! :smiley:
I’m not really used to doing something like this. :confused: Well, I have an old twitter account, but only had like 2 or 3 followers (posted anonymously). I never understood why artists use something like that because you can’t really customize your gallery, some people post their stuff without uploading it anywhere else. That doesn’t really makes me follow them, it’s just annoying hahaha

But I guess I’ll start posting my pictures on Twitter or Instagram soon, figuring out how to do that social media stuff!

You don’t have to post your pictures, just post a link to your Fiverr account gig every few days, with those hashtags I mentioned. That will (hopefully) drive some traffic to your page. Also post your gig url in the appropriate forum here - I think it’s called “rate my gig” or something like that - and I can take a quick look at it for you.

Be confident, too. :slight_smile: You almost sound like you’re apologizing for your own art, you need to shake off that impostor syndrome and own it. You’re an artist, your art is awesome, and if folks don’t like it it’s their loss. Concentrate on attracting the people that appreciate your work, rather than worrying about the folks that don’t.