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Violation for what?

Man, I have to say this is VERY discouraging.

I have been working steadily on Fiverr for over five years now. Haven’t been making thousands, but making a few hundred a month which helps my family of four afford some fun things.

Over the years, and moreover this past year, I have noticed Fiverr do something that I didn’t agree. It’s their site and it hasn’t affected me too much. Sure, some of their algorithm and hoop jumping means I’ve had to fight for gigs. Then there is the whole thing of them making it a lot easier for sellers to be abused by buyers, but I worked within the system.

Then today. Out of nowhere I get this: "A recent action you took violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service. To create a fair and respectable marketplace, we ask that you read and follow the Terms of Service.

This is your first reminder. Another violation of Fiverr’s TOS will result in a demotion of your current level."

The only thing I’ve done on fiverr this week is deliver gigs, withdraw some money, and talk to some clients. Didn’t take any work off-site, didn’t mention any “no-no” words like email, pay, or what have you…and this.

Seriously? The part that pisses me off is that it doesn’t even say what I supposedly did. Some vague BS that I’m going to have to hammer CS to find out why.

Starting to feel like this might be the place anymore. It’s a shame really.

Rant over.

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CS got back to me and my big violation and strike one was suggesting to a client I can offer them a refund if they weren’t happy with their order. Didn’t even happen,it was an offer and my wording set off the automated filter. No manual review will be made I just have to live with the strike.

Way to support sellers, Fiverr.

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IMHO - All the automation to reduce the number of employees, along with the fact they’ve raised the processing fee for Buyers, confirms the company is on the downside of the bell curve.

And that’s understandable. Testimonial videos were the bulk of the money being generated in my sub-category, now they are banned because of the recent Federal Trade Commission crackdown on false advertising. Then there was the Amazon crackdown on the bogus reviews that were being pumped out of here like a star nebula. Then there’s the issue of copyright infringement and chargebacks… etc. etc.


Then they got rid of sign holding videos, and took my erotic writing gig off the algorithm altogether due to company policy changes. So it is understandable that they might be losing traction because of all this

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