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Violation of Terms of Service, will CS pardon?

Recently, a friend of mine violated one of the Terms by having 2 accounts, unknowingly. He had previously created an account on Fiverr (about a year ago) but forgot he did so he created a new one (a few weeks back). After almost a month of earning, he stumbled upon his former account while checking his mail. He however wanted his former account back but couldn’t leave his new one due to his earnings in there already.

His resolve was to wait till his earnings got cleared, deduct his money and then close down the account before switching to hiss new account.

Unfortunately, he received a mail yesterday, both accounts were disabled.

My Questions:

  • If he had contacted CS about the two accounts, would they have pardoned him?

  • What was he expected to do in this case?

  • Is he permitted to create a new account and start all over on fiverr?

  • If question 3 is Yes, He has just one payoneer account which was linked to the recently banned new account, can he link this payoneer account to the new account he wants to create since that one has been disabled?


It’s nice to ask for your friend but can’t he make it to the forum to ask for himself?

If this guy can go to the bother of making two accounts and doing all this, why can’t he ask these questions himself? Why are you asking instead?


Our answers won’t help you much, ask your friend to contact the Customer Support.

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Are you sure you want this shady character for a friend? He probably lied to you about “forgetting” the first account. I would drop him if he were my friend. Why would you be here trying to get answers for him? Is his computer broken? He is good at making new accounts so tell him to make another one and come here to ask for himself. He is a big boy.

Your ‘friend’ doesn’t have a hope in hell. All his or her accounts are going to end up being banned.


:rofl::rofl:…I will tell him to do that! He is really close to me and I really want to learn and stay safe.

Thanks .

Also, When your fiverr account gets banned, You loose access to be able to login to your forum account. At least that is what he said!

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Most people just make yet another account to login to the forum. Tell him to make another account and he can ask those questions himself on this thread.

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:thinking: Is this a trick question? How in the world are we suppose to know what CS will decide in this case?!

We are not Staff.
We don’t have the answers.
Your friend needs to get in touch with Support!

Fighting your friend’s battle is courageous and all, but he needs to take control of the wheel here.


I had a friend who also had a similar incident. I think there’s no need of having two accounts, one is enough, just build it

I think friend should ask himself but it is far better that he should contact CS because they can solve his problem.