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Virtual Assistant Scam

I just got my second scam on this site. A company said they wanted a virtual assistant and ended up being a scam for personal banking information. If you get this scam from a ******** please beware! I went back on on the block and report and I didn’t see the message. This is a scam:
[UPDATED with more than 30 Scam Jobs below. Last UPDATE September 28, 2018] On February 14, 2018 TDS was contacted by a woman from Colorado we’ll call “Wanda.” Wanda used to post her job resume and was contacted on February 13 by a woman who called herself Mrs. Faith Benjamin , a hiring manager for the company AHRENS GROUP PTY LTD. Faith had contacted Wanda about a job in data entry. According to [ Bloomberg. com ]Ahrens Group PTY LTD provides construction, engineering, and mining services in Australia.

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These scammers are spreading everywhere, Fiverr should take necessary steps ASAP. If any of us got scammed where will we get support ?