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Virtual Assistant to the rescue!

Hello business owners,
I created this gig to provide support for your business. Running a business can be a nightmare if you don’t have the information you need at the right time. But now you can count on my service to help you out of the wood whenever you need help with generating the document, designing the logo, researching your project information, knowing about your competition, or converting the document to meet your client’s need.

This gig will leverage on my years of work experiences in the public and private enterprises and also as a self-employed experienced in running businesses in publishing, confectionery, ICT, non-profit, career and counseling, farming and produce, and digital marketing to help you with various your business needs.

I can be helpful in developing necessary documents to establish your business activities: Letter template, proposal template, email template, lead generation, business profile and catchy bio writing, copywriting, blog post and article writing, product description, e-commerce store setup, business presentation, events planning and organizing, press releases, doing excel and access works, document conversion and helping you with branding. I am skilled and well prepared to assist you in strategic thinking to support you through various stages of your business think-through.

This is indeed an exceptional virtual assistant gig that will work with you as staff in your business. Whenever you need an extra hand to do stuff or work on a proposal, let me come to work with you.

I am available 24/7 and will deliver your task with the speed of light to keep your going steadily!

Check out the gig now at

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