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Virus appeared in one of buyer's request files

There was virus attached in a .rar file which was included in a buyers request.
Due to which my computer is not functioning properly. It was .js file. How to reach fiverr to complain this?


There’s a link at the bottom of the main fiverr page.

For the future: don’t open files when you don’t know what’s in them.

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Umm… I cant find it…
Can you please tell me more about it?

Here’s their email:

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Hey there.

Do you have a screenshot? Maybe a link from where you downloaded the virus? Send me to private messages so I can further investigate and send to Fiverr support (refer to this thread)

Install an anti-malware ASAP.

Firstly, you should install Hitman PRO. It will do a great scan and remove all viruses. After that, you should install an antimalware that will guard you from further threats. You can choose one from The PC security channel

Please update us in future.

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Umm i removed it but i think fiverr needs to increase their security

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I see a high rating for Kaspersky on that chart you posted a link to. I want to let people know that has been proven in reports to be actual spyware. I also want to caution against using Norton due to it wrecking a hard drive of mine and reports from others of the same.
There are published reports of these issues.

There was a 60 Minutes show on Kaspersky as spyware a while back. A certain country’s government was connected to it and monitoring the information it gathered from PC’s that used it, according to that show.

I have used Windows Defender for years without one problem.


Didn’t know that :neutral_face: … I personally use Bitdefender, it does a great job but people like the Kaspersky more so I have added the link so people can choose their own favorite.

Bitdefender can do the job only if you know what you’re doing and don’t click on everything.

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Do you have a link from where you downloaded it (attachment download link)? You can find it in downloads, just right click on it and send me the link.

I thought they stopped selling Kaspersky after that came out. Maybe it’s no longer spyware.

I have an annoying popup ad that comes up once a week for a long time on one older computer. The company isn’t even in business any more it’s been there so long. Any ideas what I can use to get rid of that?

I haven’t scanned my hard drive with Defender and would do that except the computer is so old and I have a feeling the hard drive wouldn’t like to be scanned. I don’t know if it would push the hard drive over the edge. I’m babying it.

Can you send me a private message as your profile is private. I can help you.

As a resident of that certain country I find that this information sounds very much like fake news just for the sake of hot topic for the show :slight_smile:
Or maybe for the sake of anti-certain-country propaganda.
I have no doubt they are collecting some information from users, like literally any other software these days does. I have no doubt they are working with the government, but I’m sure it’s mostly concerning cyber crime. They also work with Interpol. I don’t see anything inherently wrong with that.

Maybe some people working for them are also involved in some spy games, but that’s the case for pretty much any other IT company of the same scale. We can’t know that for sure. Atleast there was no sufficient evidence of that published yet.

I don’t see anything in what they do making Kaspersky dangerous to use for common users in any way. Maybe if you work for the government and have access to classified information you shouldn’t use it (well, that’s basically what Trump enforced). But in that case I would say that about literally any software that was not created in collaboration with your government and not just Kaspersky.

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I have added research information about this malware in my thread: Woah, woah, hold up! Beware of MALWARE in Buyer requests!

I will update the CS about this.

Do not download or unzip any zip or rar file from buyer’s inbox or buyer request. It may contain virus. One of my friend attacked by ransom virus after download the zip file and unzip it from buyer request. Also you should use antivirus in your pc for security.

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Fiverr customer support has also been notified by this in my existing ticket

I wanted to clarify regarding Kaspersky Anti Virus that it’s service is now hosted in a neutral country and monitored there so there is no threat connected with using it. I did some research on what was a scandal about this software in 2017-2018 along with lawsuits, government bans etc. and it seems to have been cleared up.

It looks like it’s a good idea to not open any files in Buyer’s Request so maybe a warning about this could be posted at the top of the section.


Today i also have such problem " This file contains virus or malware"

@kamrul003 What did you scan this with? Or did your antivirus catch it?

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My operating system gives me message after downloading

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@misscrystal my operating system gives me message after downloading

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