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VIRUS [Edited by Moderator for clarity - Not a Virus, just a Glitch]

Hi everyone on this side of Fiverr!!! I AM a buyer …lol… and guess what? I am in the back
I am a BUYER - I should not be here but due to things gone wrong in fiver accounts… There is a virus in Fiverr. I opened up my ‘Buyers’ account this morning and found that everything is in another LANGUAGE! So since I didn’t understand how to read (Spanish? not sure) I sent a message to one of the Freelancers whom I have used before. As he is on the other side of the world from me, he is probable still asleep though. So I started to just click on various places and what do you know? I am now in an area that I should not be.

So can everyone who reads this PLEASE let Fiverr know what has happened? I would say that there is some kind of virus or it’s been hacked.

Also, much of my account has gone. Just disappeared off the radar. So all my work that I have saved in Fiverr has also gone.


Now, as for this conversation that I have been reading, and I must say to be honest at first I did not know what it was going to be about, and once I did, I have just gone straight in and sent out this message, so don’t worry guys I have now invaded your privacy. But I did of course read some of the first Freelancers question Friendly or Professional… so can I please just say a few quick words? Thank you very much.

I have been a Buyer on Fiverr for quite awhile now…perhaps about 18 months? In this time, I have worked with some fabulously talented, patient, honest, freelancers. I have never once been disappointed. I have used different tallents/skills across the board and I have been absolutely thrilled with the outcome.

Yes ***************, you should be both friendly and professional. Buyers are as worried about firstly how to explain what they want, and what the outcome will be as you the freelancers are concerned the buyer will like your hard work if that makes sense? We (Buyers) come onto these websites to find someone with your talents to help us. We are not the clever ones, we just have ideas that we hope someone with your expertise can help us get to where we want to go. You guys are sooooo talented. Be proud of your skill. Allow the adjustments that the buyer wants because once we are happy, we WILL use you again.

For example. I am a writer and artist. In the past I have needed book covers designed, ebook formatting done, assistance in illustration for childrens books because I needed a certain style of artwork, website design, affiliate marketing,… and the list goes on. However, it might be weeks even months before I need someone with that particular skill again. If I have had a great relationship with that person in the past I DEFINATELY will use them again… and have done this time and time again… We as adults can be both friendly and professional at the same time.

Your offer of a free gig **************** was lovely. It shows that you are keen for business. It also shows that you have a level of integrity that I would admire if you are working on something for me. That person who was so very rude should learn your skill him/herself, see how hard and time consuming the study is only to be offended! Do not let that person change your most generous and kind personality. It will go a long way in your business believe me!!!

Personally, I would NEVER WORK with a freelancer who was not friendly… and many of my Buyer friends are say exactly the same.

So deepanshujbedi, I will use you very soon. Watch for my message and request for gigs in the future… DIXIBELL … Australia. My name is Sue.

To all you freelancers I wish you all the best.

Now can you all PLEASE let FIVERR know about this situation of what’s happen to their website, I need to get onto business, I don’t speak Spanish :slight_smile:

Forum Moderator Note: This is a known issue and is not actually a virus or a hack of any kind. It cannot affect your computer or your accounts in any negative way except appearance. Even before it is fixed, user’s can reset the language to any of the offered options. Until it is fixed, users may have to do this more than once. See more here:

Any issues with missing content would not be related to this glitch. Fiverr is not intended to be a space to keep purchased deliveries for long and it is recommended that all users back up their own materials as soon as they are delivered. For any technical problems at all, the forum community cannot assist you. You would need to contact Customer Support and submit a ticket for content issues. For further information about the forums, feel free to check out the forum rules. Thank you for using Fiverr.

Think the issue is the regional settings box in the footer on the main site, sometimes when i click the lower left corner by accident when the site is loading slowly the language changes.
Once it also changed when my cookies expired.

All you need to do though is click the language box and set it back to English.

See the attached screenshot. Like @mgjohn78 says, all you need to do though is click the language box and set it back to English.