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Virus in direct order [RESOLVED]

So I’ve just received a 5 $ direct order where the buyer attached a .dll file. I could already tell this was a virus but a quick google search confirmed it. Of course I didn’t click on it.

Watch out sellers and don’t click on just any file you receive!


I’ve just sent a ticket to CS about this saying I refuse to agree to any mutual cancellation requests
but the timer does run out in 1 day, in 2 days they can cancel and that leaves me with a 1 star review which I also refuse to accept.

I am wondering now, would I get punished if I deliver an empty word document short before the timer runs out and then just keep refusing cancellation requests until CS had a look into it?
Because delivering an empty document is violating the TOS but in this situation there isn’t even an actual buyer, just someone trying to harm me in several ways.

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I hope that this buyer gets banned as soon as possible. What a scumbag.

I wouldn’t make an empty delivery. It is still against ToS, and it leaves an opening for Fiverr to punish you, as unfair as that might be.

If you get a negative review, I would suggest asking CS to remove it.

From the ToS:

“Feedback reviews will not be removed unless there are clear violations of our Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards.”

I would think spreading a virus could warrant a review getting deleted, as it is criminal behavior.

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just curious, how do you identity whether it is a virus.
I also wish to pretend opening a potential-virus file

Well sometimes it’s a bit more difficult, if they send me a Word document I can’t tell it’s a virus unless my antivirus program is warning me.

But I only ever receive .doc, .xlsx or .pdf files because I need to be able to mark any changes I make on a document with the proofing tools in Word for example. So naturally, a .dll or any other weird kind of file format makes me suspicious and in this case here I just quickly googled the filename and found a lot of “how to remove the spyware chrome_eld.dll” and virus references and such, so to me, this was a clear case.

That’s a fair point, thank you!
He did use the resolution center to try and cancel, where it said I’d have 2 days to respond before it would automatically be cancelled so I might just leave the dispute open for those 2 days to get some extra time.

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So instead of delivering an empty order, I waited for the 24 hour timer to run out and then requested a delivery time extension for 7 days which they declined.

I am wondering now, in the order it already said at some point “the client can cancel the order now” but they didn’t.
Could anyone tell me if that has to do with the fact that I responded within those 24 hours where the order was late already?
In other words, is the “client” not actually able to cancel the order leaving a 1 star rating just because I keep keep communicating?

I hope someone can answer me this because I don’t know how to keep the order active otherwise until CS can look into it. :cold_sweat:

Well, customer support just responded, they cancelled the order, my completion rate didn’t take a hit and the buyer is currently being reviewed by the trust & safety team it seems.

Glad this is over :sweat_smile:

Think this thread can now be closed, thank you very much Mr. / Mrs. Moderator!


i am passing from same situation as the buyer is not responding. delivery is due in around 24 hours. i raised a ticket 14 hours ago but still not assigned to any fiverr staff.

In your case you’r order started showing late ? & now your “Delivered on time” stat is showing any drop or not " ?

Sorry to hear this happened to you too, it’s so annoying!
CS responded after around 4 days after I wrote the ticket and they immediately cancelled the order, my completion rate is still at 100% so it didn’t drop.
So the order was already 2 days late when they cancelled. Best thing to do would be to reject any mututal cancellation request the buyer makes and to send them delivery time extension requests, even if the buyer doesn’t accept them.

If you send a request to extend the delivery time, the buyer has 4 days to accept or reject it
so if they don’t respond, you have 4 days that you don’t need to worry about it.

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LOL, these scammers :rofl: :joy:

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Why does that make the buyer a scammer?

i have already sent the extension request but the user is online but never responds / not accepting / rejecting the extension too

If someone doesn’t give you enough info for a order and sends you a harmful virus instead of the main content, what you’ll consider that buyer? Won’t you consider a buyer who sends you random text for a proofreading gig, a scammer?

Even worse, they kept trying to say it was their son who ordered so they tried to cancel BUT ONLY after I sent a message so they actually tried to make sure I would react to it, meaning they were waiting for me to click on the file so they could request a cancellation then.

Scammers don’t intentionally send viruses. Scammers are trying to GET something from you – usually money or information. They send bogus links and redirects. Hackers send viruses.

They kinda scammed me out of 5 Dollar :smiley:

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Yeah, they are pretty much near to one another, like if the viruses would’ve gone in her PC, then maybe the hackers would’ve tried to steal info, money, etc, etc

The funniest and most ridiculous part about this whole situation was that the “buyer” actually sent me a message after the order had been cancelled. They actually thought they were in the right all along and CS cancelled in favor of the buyer

message after cancel

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