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Virus/Malware question [Resolved]


Anyone know what this means? I understand what it means to a point but I got this message from AVG as I was sending a message on Fiverr. No attachments or anything.
Please don’t answer if you don’t know about these things as I would prefer if this didn’t become a useless “we are all gonna die” thread.
If you can explain why it mentions Fiverr and messages in a Malware “threat blocked” message that would be great.

Edit: Response fr fiverr customer support:

Thank you for your patience and sorry for this taking so long. It seems that the issue is on Avast end and we are good.

Please see forum page:

We’re here if you need more help.


I got something similar once and did some research and found that fiverr has some super strong tracking cookies that can set off anti virus software sometimes.

I’m not positve yours is the same thing and I don’t recall it being from fiverr/messages but I did get an alert one time due to fiverr tracking methods.


That makes sense, thanks!


I just came on the forum to ask this question. I’m getting this alert almost every time I try to send a delivery to a buyer.


I am getting the same "Threat Blocked’ messages.


You might need to set your anti virus software to not trigger an alert from fiverr.


It never happened before but suddenly getting messages…


You could ask customer support about this.


Trying to download files from a gig a freelancer has completed, I got this message too. First time experiencing it. Any idea why and if it’s safe to continue to download and open the files?


This is really a question for customer support. Do you all have AVG anti virus?

empower99 in your case I would think it best to not open the file.


Thanks, misscrystal. i hv written customer support. since then, i hv been getting malware msg each time I reply a seller in msg box …


Got this response fr Customer Support:
Apparently, it’s an Avast problem.

Any better protection to suggest?



I think this is the reason.




Can you please post it again what customer support said? That link you posted just takes us back to this discussion.


Thanks for that, I have checked it and this is not the case with me right now however I think that was something that was affecting me previously. Its also possible that AVG actually removed that malware before I checked for it.



That’s a helpful link. I dislike the idea of running all those virus scanners through my laptop but I have had something running the CPU too much lately so I will look into that trojan you mentioned.


I feel the same about virus scanners.
Before looking at using the virus scanners, check if this issue is what is affecting you by following what they say under the heading “How do I know if Chrome.exe *32 malware or not?”


Today I got the same Issues from Fiverr, Almost 123 Files removed that was with .VBS extension.
It is the at time of login and header and message.

Does anyone know the problem? Please Elaborate


I would just start off with malwarebytes, it is really good software, and basically, you only run it when you want it, (most of the programs on that site are that way), so there is not anything happening unless you want it to. Malwarebytes has been around for a really long time, and is really effective. The second thing I use is HitmanPro as mentioned, it works well, but is only a 30 day trial, but its an on demand thing so I just usually uninstall when I am done. The virus scanners on there are all trusted, I have used most of them personally, I would probably at least run malwarebytes just to double check, and if anything comes up, run through some other programs. I don’t believe that that is the trojan, as it was complaining about a visual basic script, not an exe, so it is most likely not that virus. It could be cookie related, but I don’t think cookies should have anything to do with vbs files. I do run avast on my system, but have not had this. (I do have some pretty aggressive browser side anti tracking running though)