Virus virus virus. :(


So we heard about countries getting affected by a ransomware. I also received infected document on fiverr once. I watched two posts on forum regarding users complaining about infected files. This is really making me sick and I actually bought a gig on fiverr to make sure I’m free from spyware.

So how can we be assured that we don’t catch things we shouldn’t catch while we are here on fiverr.


Stop using pirated stuff!


Okay added to checklist and what about infected servers.


For what I understand if Fiverr’s servers would be infected, then the whole website would already be down.
The problem is with non-updated servers/computers. If you’re concern about it, try installing the patch manually, it’s the Ms17-010 patch.
I don’t know how prices are where you currently live, but here an OEM Windows 10 License costs $15. You can sell 3 Gigs for $5 and invest the earnings in your computer’s safety :wink:
Better that than losing your whole files to a virus.


Update - Today I read fiverr TOS and there’s a sentence which says “Users are responsible for scanning all transferred files for malware and virus. Fiverr will not be responsible for any damage occur due to site usage”

Well that sucks.


So now you need to buy a Antivirus also! :relaxed: