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Viruses And Keyloggers Need Attention To Be Removed

Some buyers are posting fake “BUYERS REQUEST” and attaching keylogger program with the request to fix some issues in their software(*FAKE ISSUE) or Test Software.When people download and open it happens to be a keylogger and if people did not understand it is a secret keylogger,the fiverr accounts or people are at risk.FIVERR kindly help to check the SPAM and dangerous attachments like this.

It Actually Happened to me few days back,stay safe all…


It happened to me. One buyer placed order to test chrome extension. But it was a keylogger.
He stole my Facebook password.

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That’s one reason why I don’t open and avoid requests with attachments. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fiverr Should take necessary steps for it to stop.

We as a sellers must have a good antivirus to keep away from such dangers,I am software engineer if any one need advice and tips on how to keep secure,you can contact me.
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Somtimes you have to open the attachments to understand what buyer need.