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Viruses on fiverr protect yourself


I recently bought a script for marketing from a fiverr person here, it is a new seller so I figured I would start him off. I paid him, he started work. The order was due tonight. He sends me the file in messages as a xml file… (Strange right?) so I click to DL from Fiverr, I scan it with Avast and get 4 warnings immediately.

I notify the seller, he replies “What are you talking about, here try this one” and attaches a pdf file instead.
I’m not an idiot, so I didn’t even touch it.

I sent him this message and Fiverr auto-responded with their message

“Listen, I am scared to death to even touch this thing. I run a web server here, I cannot afford to even have a hint of a virus on my servers because it would spread to my customers. What you need to do is to stop selling on Fiverr to protect buyers until you 100% scan every item on your computer. PDF and Word Documents are the easiest way to transmit viruses. I think we should call this quits and you should just refund this as I cannot see anything that you have done because you have a virus infection and when you have 100% made sure that you have scanned your computer multiple times with multiple virus scanners, then I can come back and re-order this, but right now, I am not going to touch this with a 50ft pole.”

Your message was flagged for review by our Trust and Safety team,
due to possible Terms of Service violation. This process may take up to 24 hours.
In the meantime, your message is not visible to ******. Your patience is appreciated."



It wouldn’t surprise me if this wasn’t an accident. The XML is already an indicator.
It could be that scammers now try to camouflage themselves as low budget software developers and spread their malicious software this way in order to harm their victims this way.


So, I asked the seller to cancel this Gig and now he is suddenly… a ghost.
This is after constant messages back and forth over the last 4 days.


Scary! This is probably just ignorance, but how in the world do you send a virus through a PDF?


Learn my friend:

From one website in that search:

"Do you know that a simple task such as opening PDF files can infect your computer with malware? This is a very common method used by hackers to install malicious software on your system and gain access to it.

Adobe Reader comes with support for javscript embedded in PDF file. Hackers can simply add malicious javascript code to the PDF file to exploit this vulnerability. When you open the PDF file, the malicious javascript get executed and install malware on your computer, all without you knowing it."

So you can download an .exe file without even knowing it. ALWAYS virus scan EVERYTHING you EVER download from ANY site.

And now this seller has ghosted which tells me he knows what he is doing. He has over 600 reviews on his profile but strangely, he only has one gig and it only shows 4 reviews…


He paused his gig, may be he realize that he has been caught.


He just declined to cancel “I not cancel, you download file now and click it open !”

Exact words.

How do I prompt Fiverr for a refund, this is obviously a scam.


All you can really do is ask Customer Support. While the document that was sent to you does sound suspicious, it could have been triggered by something innocuous. I don’t know what Support will day, but they are the only people who can cancel the order except for the seller.


Just for the fun of it…
Avast automaticly disables virus files.


That’s probably your ticket to a cancelation. Send the screenshot to Support.


Hrmmmmm now he is trying to send me files via messages…


Wow, that’s crazy… I can’t believe the things people do…


If I block him in messages, will I still be able to get a refund?


No, that only means you’ve blocked him. A refund can only occur if you initiate a request for cancellation in the order page (the seller however has the power to accept or decline request). I think it’s best you contact Customer Support for this as they can easily assist you and look over the order regarding your concerns and can check on the seller should they be engaging in suspicious activity.


Yes, I did not accept the order, I did not click to accept the order and instead I requested a cancellation, the seller denied it, I put a support ticket in with multiple screenshots.
If needed, I would do a chargeback just for principle, I might lose Fiverr, but I will not let this guy get away with this.


I understand why you would go the lengths of initiating a chargeback, I wouldn’t want people to get away with such things too. Hopefully, you need not go that far and Customer Support will see through this. I’m sorry this experience happened to you! Crazy how people do such things.


No, the solution is not an immediate chargeback – that will immediately end up in the user kicked out Fiverr. He only considered a chargeback because he didn’t want the seller to get away (on his own principles) and he is aware should he make that choice he will lose Fiverr.

Your suggestion might give the idea to other readers that simply because something went wrong with an order the buyer can initiate a chargeback (some buyers might not be aware of the implications of making such choice and end up losing their Fiverr accounts). Customer Support is there for a reason, contact them before any such decision.


While @shirtcash has to make a personal decision, you should never advise a buyer on Fiverr to break the Terms of Service.


Everyone is blaming the seller without knowing his side of the story.

There were instances, though happened years before, when I send or receive files from a buyer it completely change to a different file format even through it shows the correct file extension on Fiverr. To avoid this I had zip the file before sending. Because this was happening randomly I thought Fiverr was trying to get in my XML files to see if there are any red flags in them. Think I am crazy? Try typing an email id on your message. I have received messages from sellers in word files with their contact info and asking to work outside Fiverr. So it is possible Fiverr was trying to monitor the content, hopefully failed.

And NO I am not blaming the BUYER, I am saying there are things we, the people in the forum don’t know. We are getting info only from the buyer. Is it fair to conclude without knowing sellers story and other factors?


No. Just. No.

I downloaded the file to see if I could open it to read his marketing script. As soon as I downloaded it, I ran it through Avast AntiVirus scanned and got IMMEDIATE warnings.

I loaded it into Word anyway and it was instantly denied by Word as a “dangerous file”.
I have New Office with always updated software that routinely looks at the code in what Word opens.