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Virussen and malware send my clients

hi, so I potential customer just asked for my email, so he could send me a docx file with his specification. I asked if he could send it via Fiverr so he did. But I am afraid this potential costumer is trying to hack me. There are a few things I don’t like, first he needs it in 48 hours. His account is made in may 2021. And he asked first for my mail.

What do I need to do?
(I already opened it on my mobile phone, but fiverr doesn’t support docx files, so it didn’t display anything.)


If you’re suspicious, report the message that asked for your email, and block the user.

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I asked for screenshots of the doxc file, he send it I think it will fine. But thank you for your fast response!

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You know what I would do? I would curve him ASAP with a hollow sentence after receiving the screenshot (“Thanks! I’ll check it out and tell you.”), then through the app, chat → block → delete the convo from the spam folder.

Your gigs require 5 to 7 days at their simplest packages. It’s not about him signing up in May 2021 or acting “weird” on his first day, it’s him needing it in 48 hours and sending unsolicited files while breaking the ToS.

Did he even receive/give a positive review during this month? Did he ask what the price would’ve been since you needed to work at a faster pace? If not, don’t work on it just because you think you can or are feeling guilty from the previous exchange, even if you’re starting out.

P.S.: if you’re on Windows 10 Pro you can operate with sandboxed files safely, if you want to see if it’s a weird file or not. But that’s beyond it for me already, personally.

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Some time ago a potential client of those who have the purple badge “business” contacted me and asked me for personal information, and so on. obviously I did not give them to him and informed him about the violation of the terms. Surprisingly when I visited his profile, I realized that it was an account created in April of this year! so wtf “bussiness badge” ?.. I did not block him, but we did not communicate anymore. now I saw his profile again out of curiosity and that purple badge does not appear. very strange :thinking:

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