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I have made 3 gig buys in the last 2 days with my VISA card and today I don’t see that option available for buying gigs anymore. Only Pay Pal or Bitcoin are displayed. What’s up with that?

Try contacting Customer Support about this. :slight_smile:

I have been trying for the past week! They are not responding. Do you know whats going on with VISA?

I hate PAYPAL…don’t want to use it. Is FIVERR forcing people to use PP?

I had been having exactly the same problem: credit card option disappeared, and Fiverr Support non-responsive to my ticket since opening it four days ago. I just did what the user above suggested. I logged out of Fiverr in Chrome, then used Chrome Developer Tools to disable the cache before doing a hard reload of Fiverr’s homepage. Then I logged in and followed the links to order the gig I wanted. When I got to the payment page, hey presto, the option to pay by credit card had been restored!

Reply to @jayspeaks: Did you try logging out of Fiverr and deleting any Fiverr cookies in your browser and reboot your computer and then log in again? It is worth trying and see if anything helps.