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Visibility of seller review on profile

How many days does it take to visible a “review” on the buyer profile after completion of the order? 3 days ago I ordered for the 1st time but still, no review is visible on my profile.


Did you add a review back? You should first review the buyer for the review to appear on your profile.

Yes, already reviewed that seller but still, the review is invisible on my profile

That’s strange, if it doesn’t comes in 24 hours, you may want to contact support:

I think he didn’t give you a review

As a buyer, if I discussed about the ‘review’ with him, will there be any problem in the future?

Yes, it’s against the rules. Read TOS here:

Never ask the customer to review your order, it is against TOS. Please wait, if the feedback is placed, it will appear asap. Read the TOS so you won’t get any warnings for things like this.

The OP isn’t the seller so he doesn’t have a customer for this order. He’s the buyer.

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It’s possible it might be a problem with Fiverr eg. if they think you’re trying to influence the rating given to you.

In future if you don’t want a review on your profile I think it would be safest to not review the delivery.

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The review will become visible immediately if both sides give the feedback. Otherwise, it will be shown after few days i guess.

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