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hey everybody,

does anybody know how the visibility work on fiverr? what is it based on? i would’ve think First and most of all if you make money so fiverr make money so the Editors would want you UP and in the Home page second would be the facebook google plus one etc… or maybe the collections first being collected would boost your visibility i would think of few other things like the tags the rating the tags on the description and the title etc…those are just my personal assumptions based on nothing solid just my own thoughts if somebody really know about the subject and willing to share it would be great and a lot appriciated

(a question btw i am new to the forum, am i posting things on the right place?)


I think it’s a combination of unique service combined with excellent results/sales and lots and lots of positive feedback as well as return customers/reorders/multiple and well selling extras. Fiverr above all loves the quirky, the viral-worthy, but that has to be combined with a strict work ethic and results.


hey crcanny yes i would think so for the Featured part or the manually promoted but there must be automation somewhere the more we understand the mechanism the more we will know how to improve ourself into it it’s like an Internal SEO lol