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Visit my profile and give me some tips thanks


i want to get some tips from experienced sellers kindly visit my profile and give me some tips


I think you should add some more gigs! After May 10th, you’ll have no market. :slight_smile:


Good Day! Keep your gigs look professional and genuine. I think you should add some more gigs! If possible add video to your gigs (optional) explain briefly about your service, post more samples. When you get a buyer, do your best service, deliver in time, meet their expectations, have a professional communication so that they leave out with a good rating that will help you to get more buyers, and the best way to get traffic is to promote your gigs in social sites like twitter, facebook etc. Just be patience, everything starts slow at first here, wish the best success with fiverr. Thank you!


Hello Alvina,

From my personal point of view, you should do the following:

  1. Look smart
  2. Act in a professional manner
  3. Add more stuff to your profile - make it as much engaging as possible. (as immatinja said add videos and more gigs)
  4. Explore the content marketing approaches
  5. Be consistent, when you present your products
  6. Differentiate your products from other similar
  7. Take into account other profiles offering similar services and see what is their approach.
  8. Overall, do some research and see how you can build your profile, by identifying the weaknesses of your competitors.

    Good luck,