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Visit my profile and help me

Can anyone visit my profile? Finding my problems, it will be very helpful for me.

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Where is your profile? You did not place links here or on forum under your name?

graphics_team_ That’s my user name. Please search. And suggest me.

No, we will not search. You place a link here. This is My Fiverr GIG section and you put a link.

When I search this profile appears:

Yes, but I did not want to copy paste her name and go to main page and search when she can post link here.

Why do we have to do all the hard work?


No offence but replying stay online to every problem won’t help them, be more constructive.

Thank you. My gig link

Bro… My gig link. Please suggest to me.

Sorry, I can not review your GIGs, you have to ask someone else. I started your video and the moment you started to remove freckles I stopped and I can not continue.

Removing freckles is big NO NO in my book of photoshoping.

People with freckles are gorgeous and removing that is like photoshopping their soul into something fake.

Sorry, this is my standard and opinion. So I hope someone else can do the review.

Do not call people bro, brother, mam, it is not polite.

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Ok. Sorry for that. Don’t mind.

I watched past the freckles and you do another no no there. You try to make the model white (she ends up being partially green, but that’s another story). Many people might find that unethical, myself included.
Sure, on rare occasions you might get orders to remove freckles, change skin tone and change people on a photo in any other way, but that’s not something you want to use to demonstrate your skill.
Viewers might find it offending. As it is, your gig sort of implies that freckles are an imperfection, but they are not. So you only touch them if your client specifically asks you to.
Changing any permanent features without being asked is a no no.
My suggestion would be to find or take a photo of a person with acne instead.