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VistaPrint, GotPrint and MO related question!


Hello, I am new on Fiverr as a seller and I started a gig on Business Card. What I want to know is that what is “Vista Print”, “GotPrint” and “Mo”. So many people are offering on their gig that their card design fits those criterion. So if I want to offer the same thing, how can I offer that?


Those are websites so why not visit them and familiarize yourself with what they require?



And best of luck! :grinning:


Thanks but can you please answer?


OK but if you could say something in a few sentences, it would help! :slight_smile:


They’re different websites which print business card etc. designs. No doubt the size specifications are different for each.

What @misscrystal is quite rightly suggesting is that you visit each website to find out what those specifications are.


Why in a few sentences?


What I wanted to know is that whether I have to use those websites and upload images for my clients or they themselves will do it. Do I only have to know about size and specification or I have to know something more than that. I am a bit confused actually!


Have a look to see what other designers are offering - more than likely it’s designing to the specs given by each website ready for the buyer to upload themselves.


OK!! so I only have to check those websites to know…right?


Hi!! if you could give some spell to help start my sales for free! :slight_smile:


Yes. ( 20 characters.)


I think this thread should now be closed. Good luck!


Yes. It is just for size specifications. Colors are same :slight_smile: You should design them CMYK. nothing more.


I would think this would be obvious.


You should go and research deeply, you should also make a lot of samples. Visit those websites and find out.

Good luck


Yes that I know. For printing it’s CMYK with 300 DPI and for webs it’s RGB with 72 resolution. :slight_smile:


OK thank you :slight_smile:


Yeah but you can consider doing that if it’s possible! thanks for your valuable input! :slight_smile:


that Word does not exist in design and modeling… it can be the Color, format, Dpi, PPi, etc etc etc…