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Vistaprint/Print on Demand

Based on a couple things I’ve seen, it looks like Fiverr may have been (or still is?) partnering with Vistaprint? Even if they aren’t partnering, is there a way to set it up so buyers purchase a business card ‘design and print’ where I do a custom design and it shows up for them a couple weeks later? If so, how do I integrate shipping and such?

I bought business cards on Fiverr years ago and it gave me an option to print them with some company, I don’t know if it was VistaPrint. The seller did the design for a set amount and I think I had the option to buy printed cards but they would be dropshipped to me. I don’t know if the seller even got a commission on the printing part, but they definitely didn’t ship.

I have no idea if they still do that, probably so. There are options to sell physical items on Fiverr and charge shipping too, but that’s usually for specific stuff like a postcard from a location or some other special item. Maybe a business card designer can tell you since my side was only the buyer point of view. :slight_smile:

Edit: This is the only info on regular shipping that I see in the help database:

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Okay, so I haven’t seen anything else pointing towards anything official still existing. Is there any reason not to do that? I don’t see it violating terms of service, so as long as I can get shipping and everything set up right? I’ll contact CS to clarify this, but making sure no one has blatant objections.

I don’t know of any reason not to try it, but I would find it odd if there wasn’t a printing option already there. Since no one else has responded, I would just ask CS before you even add a gig for it.

CS gave the all clear. There certainly doesn’t seem to be anything official besides the shippable gigs.

Interesting. Maybe so few people use anything but e-cards they stopped offering it. Good luck with it!

Note: You posted a thread on the same topic but with different questions. Generally speaking, that is considered too close to duplication, so the thread was pulled. I think it is an approach from another angle, so I’ll close this thread and move your new one to Conversations for discussion.

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See How to offer revisions on a multi-phase Gig for more.