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VO artists: how many revisions per 10 orders do you get?

I am probably averaging about 1 in 10 overall but the past week or so it’s seemed more like 2 or 3 in 10.

How many revision requests do you average? Do you send revision requests same-day or do you ask for 24 hours? X

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They come and go - I end up doing none for a while, then a few arrive at once.

I just do them when I can.

Same for me as well. I will do a while before anyone asks for a revision. I always give one revision free. I will say it depends on the buyer of course. The ones needing revisions most are the ones where English isn’t their first language. Sometimes I offer to fix their script as an extra. Some take it, some don’t.

Do you accept revisions which require changes to the script?