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VO - Buyer Sent My Work to 3rd Party (His Customer)

I’m a VO and had a buyer (who produces whiteboard videos on here) place an order for a $5 gig.

He then sent that to his customer who later requested revisions. When I questioned why he didn’t purchase a commercial gig if he was sending it on to somebody else and showed him the TOS he got very defensive.

I offered to do the revision on condition next time he ordered the gig he paid for the correct rights - but it descended into a more heated discussion.

Both want to cancel, but not for the same reasons - he’s citing poor work (which he was happy to send to his customer) and I’m citing that he wanted work which wasn’t in the scope of the original order.

I’ve reported it to CS now - but it’s so frustrating. He doesn’t understand that just because his customer hasn’t accepted the order that he has by default of sending it on to somebody else.


That sucks. And your commercial rights extra is so reasonably priced too


Yeah it’s a rubbish situation to be in.

As a fellow VO, a piece of advice I would give is to not offer anything for $5. I know some of the most well-known (and I assume successful VOs?) on Fiverr do offer this, and I honestly don’t know how they stop from pulling their hair out.

We recently changed our pricing so that $20 was the minimum order value, and we include Commercial Usage in that price. That way, buyers can’t do the old “Oh I forgot to add them” or "Oh I didn’t realise’ spiel, and in raising our prices we avoid the majority of resellers who are only interested in rock-bottom prices.

You will get less work. But the work will generally be of a higher value (in our experience). Good luck whatever you decide to do.


Why on Earth are you happy to cancel? If it is to avoid a poor review, they do still happen anyway from time to time. You have done the work and can prove to Fiverr that your buyer has delivered it to a third party.

Refuse to cancel. Then report your buyer to Fiverr and get him or her booted off the site for trying to swindle free work.


I may put the prices up - but I do like the volume - it’s sometimes easier to deal with 10 x $5 orders than get bogged down with a $50 order.

The person is a well established seller as well - 1k+ reviews.

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I just wanted to cancel to get rid of him.

But you’re right of course - it is a scam. A lot of these video makers try this on.

You should probably work your commercial rights into the prices. I used to charge for commercial rights, too, then I saw that none of the top writing gigs did that, so I worked it into my prices.

If you actually counted on the honesty of your customers, it’s your fault not his.

What a height of wickedness. just like a fellow VO advised you, to save yourself the back and forth next time, work on your pricing. That’s my one cent as a writer.