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VO Customer Asking for Revision but doesn't give Feedback

I’m working on a $150 voice over order for a client. I finished the job for the customer 6 hours before the deadline. Almost immediately, they asked for a revision but only said:

“Thank you for your work. I’ve skimmed through the audio and it sounded superb. We are reviewing the full audio and we’ll send you a few comments if we have any in the upcoming days.”

I reply with the “send modified work” and let them know I’m all ears if their’s a problem. 24 hours later, they sent me another revision request but only said: “Sorry for the delay, We’re sending you the comments momentarily.”

Does anyone else have this problem? They are hurting my stats without giving me any closure on this job. It seems like they just want to keep the job open indefinitely, just on case they have an issue days or weeks later.


Nip it in the bud quickly! :wilted_flower:

I’ve had this happen in the past, I delivered the job and they hit the request modification to leave the order open to get feedback from their colleagues. However, I politely explained that the modification feature doesn’t work that way. In fact, it’s abuse of the modification button. I’ve educated my clients that 5r allows (3) days for them to review the order before it auto-completes. If they captured a mistake that I’ve unintentionally made, I’d happily revise.

Changed script/tonation calls for a gig extra.

Stalling an order in this way is not a good practice, educate Buyers swiftly, so that they don’t do this to the next Seller. Send a follow-up message to let them know modification feedback is important to complete the job in a timely manner.


Thank you. I just sent them the message. It’s so tiring when customers try and take advantage of good sellers.

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