VO people- Question regarding different pricing on gigs


I have one gig specifically for Voice Mail systems, and another gig for longer scripts like narrations etc… They have different pricing depending on word count. My question is, what do you do when a customer orders the wrong gig? Sometimes people order narration gigs through my phone one and vice versa. How do you handle this situation without cancelling a gig? Often the price comes out to be the same so I haven’t had to make a change yet, but I’m sure it will happen. I’m wondering if it would be easier to only have one gig. Thoughts?


Even if you have more than one gig, I think it makes sense to have the same rate per word count. Otherwise it’s confusing. Plus, how would you justify the different rate when asked? 100 words is 100 words. Feel free to have more flexibility with the extras though. Just my 2 cents, (or 1.34 rupees), tips hat to @writer99025


That’s helpful. Thanks.


Having more than one gig will increase your chances of getting orders. I’m considering splitting up a couple of my VO services as well. I would keep the same rates though, just in case this happens.

Like @newsmike put it:



I’m changing my prices now. thanks!