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Vocations vs Illusions

Hello guys :grinning:

I’ve been thinking recently… what will happen when the “world” comes back.

Once people aren’t forced to be at home and governments don’t give finacial support to our lovely citizens,

Which % of the current Freelancers are actually vocational? Do we all love this lifestyle or is an unexpected sudden illusion?

Perhaps I will see myself on Fiverr in a year time when the vaccine will “save” the 7+ Billion population or, maybe no way! What about you??



I didn’t join because of covid, I’m a essential worker so I didn’t loose my job, quite the opposite (we make medical supplies), so if I leave Fiverr it won’t be related to the current pandemic. I will keep freelancing as a side job, but if I’m going to stay on Fiverr is a complete different question. I’m still not sure about it, not a huge fan of how some features work to be honest. Time will tell.


I was here long before COVID, and I will be here long after. Fiverr pays the rent and funds my other ventures, so I am quite happy here. :slight_smile:


I was here long before COVID, and I will be here long after. I’m also happy here.:+1:


Do you hear an echo?


Here I thought it was just the wind … Very mysterious! :zipper_mouth_face:

Maybe we have some time travel shenanigans afoot?

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I was also here long before COVID, Rather I got job from Fiverr when a lot of people lost their jobs because of the current pandemic COVID. so I am also quite happy here :blush:


Me becoming an active seller during the pandemic is purely a coincidence, but I can’t speak for others.

By the end of 2021, a year from now, there are of course going to be more sellers than what we would’ve expected without a pandemic, but many will leave/become inactive. That’s the surplus, that extra hump on the curve, basically.


Oh dear! That would be a massive invention. What date have you set on the screen mate? :grinning:

Best thing of being employed by a company is that your taxes get paid automatically.
Best thing of freelancing is no need to wear the suit anymore.

Personally I always had that “illusion” of extending my stays in other countries as much as I can since I work on a laptop. Let’s see when airports will work again, but that’s a more romantic story…


I’ve become a freelancer nearly 6 years ago after telling myself for over a decade that I didn’t have discipline for it. Turns out, I have more discipline and project management skills than at least half of my former creative directors and project managers combined, funny that.

A lot of people are going to discover that self-employment is something that was meant for them and they just never tried it until they were forced to. And a lot of people will come to a conclusion that it was never for them and will hug and cry at a water cooler on a Monday morning when another lockdown is lifted (no shame in that, I’ve made friends for life at the water cooler back in the day). To each their own, I suppose.


Oppps it looks like that one my visitors was quite good at content writing but did not fulfill the T&C of participation in this conversation… Good luck and thank you for popping in though! :raising_hand_man:

Back to the topic, I came across quite a few people who feel that Freelancing is like sitting on a pleasant meadow and like fishing in a river which is not very prolific.

Does Freelancing need to be vocational otherwise back to alarm at 6am, train to office and get home knackered at night, does bring better financial solutions still in the current climate? Surely some of you might laugh at that statement :thinking:


I was here for 2 years before the pandemic became a thing. But never have I felt that freelancing is like you state above. Freelancing is a lot of work at times and then there are down times too. But I do love sleeping in and setting up my gigs so I am not too pressured to get orders done quickly.

No way, why freelance if this were the case? :thinking:


Pandemic isn’t going anywhere. We have to stay with it just like ‘Flu’. 500 million were infected with the flu virus and currently, we have only 63 Million.

It’s true: I started freelancing this year in June probably a month after lockdown and am a student doing A-Levels. And now I came to know, its a great method to enhance skills.


lol :joy:
Was here before “Covid-19”
And will be around long after it has disappeared.

As for a vacation, anyone daft enough to take the vaccinations.
Wont be here long after anything.

Its a nice boost to the pharmaceutical industry and will make them a packet!

So if you want to be here long after “covid-19” You will also stay away from any form of vaccinations.

my 10c worth…

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It amazes me how freelancers with little or zero knowledge of science talk about vaccination.
Anyway, I’ll skip that off topic and be on the ball.

I was here before the pandemic, but I really started to care about my profile one year ago and after that my sales had a boost during spring and summer.
I’ll remain here as I feel freelancing is the right path for me. I could surely fail, if so I will try again studying and mastering my skills.


That’s how people think the world is fool.

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It is maybe quite forward to take assumptions on how things will be anytime soon but given the last news about UK getting their key citizen vaccinated as early as the 8th December and followed by NYC 2 weeks after… This might change the current uncertainty and people will go for their “true” skillset plan.

As now, it is good that there is a sane controversy since there is a element here of what we like and what we can afford to achieve financially.

Happy Thursday and thank you for sharing your perceptions! :raising_hand_man:

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I’m surprised.

Twice in this thread an active community member was silenced for offering colorful opinions. By colorful, I mean dark.

By dark I mean, “Andy’s version of reality has an Orwellian penned forward and an accompanying desk to place yourself under should the bombs come.”

Still … Are we being serious with that?

At various points in my Fiverr “(ahem…) career,” I’ve enjoyed this forum. It was a Barnum level fever dream.

Eccentric writers that didn’t understand publishing.

Psychics that picked the wrong lottery numbers.

Musicians who couldn’t play instruments without electricity.

We even had a guy that would soundtrack your life for five dollars. With a kazoo.

He was later arrested for stalking.

(That’s a joke. So I better not see one “I will soundtrack your life with my kazoo” gigs or else it’s curtains Mack).

Essentially, the Fiverr forum was the bar scene from Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” without the drink minimum…

(I’m lying.

There is a drink minimum and we’re fully aware that you’re not participating. Our guard Barney will escort you to the door.

Lest you forget, there’s only two kinds of escorts: the really fun kind and the really “you just got your head jammed through the door” kind.

Drink up pumpkin)…

Yes, we followed the general “non - grey” concepts of the TOS. What we didn’t do, was lay heavy on the “report” trigger like Stallone in a jungle scene.

Since when was disagreeing with someone the terminating factor on their presence?

Look at all the positive inventions born from passionately disagreeing with someone:


*The boneless chicken wing


*Anti - Vegetarianism

*Anti - Anti Vegetarianism … that’s when you eat meat but you hate other people that eat meat just to hate them.

I think I’ve proven my point.

You may disagree with Andy.
Some people, very presently in this thread, may disagree with Andy …

…The disagreer may be wearing gym pants, slapped across a couch, sitting in front of a box of “Swiss Rolls,” because he lacks the type of self control that his parent’s should have installed in me from the onslaught. Perhaps that would have prevented my romantic predilection to wild music venues and musty, night people. Possibly that foresight could have manifested into a promising law vocation. Or even a lawful one. Maybe you should have tried harder Dad. Maybe taking me to music venues at five to perform for drunks like some Americanized Pinocchio wasn’t the game of catch that I really needed.


We’re not all going to agree. But we should be able to express those disagreeable thoughts.

Let’s just get it out of the way right now. I’m gonna express some hard truths that you are just going to have to accept. You’re not going to agree and that’s just the type of mental shock therapy that you need.

This is good for you. You’re gonna survive it. You’ll be better for it.

1) “Take on Me” by A-Ha is the greatest song ever written.

I’m including Beethoven’s “Eroica” and “Yesterday” in that contest. A-HA still wins.

2) Apple Pie is terrible.

From now on the phrase “It’s as American as apple pie” will be: “It’s as American as eating too many hot wings and falling asleep in your work shirt.”

3) Tim and Dawn are better than Jim and Pam.

But Buttercup and Wesley are better than all of them. Don’t you even dare think that Jim could have navigated the Fire Swamp! Jim would have watched Pam get eaten by a large rodent, while being lit on fire, sold her scraps to Humperdinck and made an ironic shoulder shrug to the camera.

4) Paul McCartney is a vastly better writer than John Lennon.

*That one doesn’t even come with a punchline. I’m just disgusted by these death obsessed, pseudo artists trying to lecture me on the blandness of the guy who wrote “Eleanor Rigby,” and who just so happened to spend more time working in the studio on all the collective materials.Paul was the filter. Disagreeing is taking the engineering staff against their word.

*Neil Aspinall quote

5) 11 is the best number.

It is and that’s final. Your favorite number is eleven. Don’t argue with me, you’re only making it worse.

6) Daydreams are just inexpensive hallucinations.

Sometimes you wanna “trip way far out man,” but you’re also economically conservative and you can’t dip into your allotted coffee budget.

7) Cheers is the funniest show ever.

I would also accept “The Golden Girls” or “General Hospital.”

8) David Lynch has no idea what he’s doing.

That’s why he won’t talk about his writing. He’s not writing. He’s interviewing live in residents at the old age home, asking “what was your last dream,” and sticking the ideas into a hat. Before shooting, he reaches for an idea at random.

And you know what? That’s exactly what he should be doing. It’s perfect. We love it. Give us more of that “senior citizen,” bad kitchen food induced dream stuff Dave.

There it is guys. An entire assortment of complete facts that challenge you, provoke you, stroke your hair when you throw up at the toilet and say, “we’re gonna get through this.”

So please … relax a little. When it’s time to be truly upset, you’ll know.

Because I will have done something unforgivable (like take over an entire thread with an unrelated novel) and your “true” anger will finally have a home.

Note: So … I understand the irony of creating an anti report post and how it begs itself to be reported. I hadn’t really thought that far … but by the time I got to the Billy Joel reference, it was just too late to turn back, ya know?

Please be a dear. Don’t hide this post. I’ll be your best friend. I mean … sure, I’m a needy friend. I’m constantly FaceTiming without giving a heads up. I invite you to places when I know you’re busy, just to be able to say that I gave you an invite. I’m a classic alpha male. I suffer from a Napoleon complex (but only from the forehead up). I make you wait through my favorite songs in the car before I allow you to speak (then I keep playing songs, because you’re uncomfortable, plus you don’t know the words. So I keep pointing at you to finish the verses for me and I watch you squirm).

But at my core, I’m really good, modest people. So please … leave this post alone.


Yes thats corect however I was a previous member unable to re-active my account and had to create a new profile actually.

Smarty pants.

Oh regardless of my fiverr profile I was here in way before Covid-19
I was born quite some time ago.