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Voice Actor Looking for a Business Partner who Has finished gigs

I just dropped my first gig and am feeling 100% overwhelmed. I am looking for a business partner who has done this a few times and will show me the ropes. This will honestly be my first time in Paid Voice Work.

If you’re interested shoot me an inbox here on Fiver.

Carl Gosline
Cypher’s Den Entertainment
Putting the “Voice” In Voice Over
Putting the “Fan” back in Fan Fiction


Are you saying you want an established voiceover seller to mentor you on 5r?

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You say you want a business partner but you are describing a mentor/adviser.
I would suggest you look for people who offer that as a paid service or provide someone with an incentive to help in the way you describe.


Just for a short time so that I see what I need to do myself. I am going to go look for someone on the gig page to see if there are people like that around.