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Voice Chat Feature

It would be really good if Fiverr can integrate with some Voice chat API so that we can directly call the client and ask for the detailed requirement. As a software developer, it is very important to understand the requirement from the client very clearly so as to deliver the expected output.

Also, this will avoid users sharing personal details coz they can call from Fiverr system only.

I really Wish it is implemented soon.


I was about to go on the forums to ask for exactly this,
I just approved a gig where I bought a voice over from someone.
But when you try to buy and sell services communication is key.
Good communication makes projects go better and flow smoother,
and sometimes it is really difficult to communicate or convey what you need through chat,
while if I had the option to call with the owner of the gig, I might have been able to easier
explain what I need. It can also help with giving more accurate feedback to each other.

Yeah I even thought if the fiverr will allow this feature so many developer will understand very clearly but here from different countries their language is not Eng then it will be So hard for that.

I beg to differ. Voice chat results in dire kinds of buyers attempting to lock buyers into accepting rock-bottom rates of pay.

If you want voice contact with buyers, create a paid consultation gig.

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