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Voice Messaging in Inbox? What do you think?


Fiverr is a rapidly growing freelance platform. Almost 7,500 services were created every day in 2018. Micha Kaufman, co-founder and chief executive of Fiverr once in an interview said “The idea of Fiverr is simple,” “We asked ourselves, can we actually make the purchasing a service online as easy as buying a product on Amazon? Which means, you just click a button and it is done.”

And also: “We believe we are going to be the Amazon of services."
So he often compares his firm (Fiverr) to Amazon and eBay, the e-commerce giants.

So my question to all of the community is Can Fiverr introduce voice messaging feature on this platform?
It was a very deliberate question, intended to remove any barriers to getting a buyer and a seller to do business online more easily and safely.

Let’s just take an example: A buyer is in need of a good script for their business launch speech. Instead of writing, they can use the voice messaging feature to tell about their business. It will be less time consuming and more effective for buyer and seller both.

Yes, every feature has their own pros and cons. Let’s see:

  1. Less time consuming for both seller and buyer
  2. Can conversate with each other in a more understandable way
  3. Will help buyers to find more experienced and genuine sellers
  4. Can help sellers to avoid fake or fraud buyers


  1. Will not be end-to-end encrypted because fiverr needs to listen the conversation to solve any disputes or cases
  2. Can be used more to spam others
  3. Will take more internet data and app data (app space in the device)
  4. Some users cannot use the voice-messaging systems due to their privacy and it can lead to fewer orders for a seller.

So how will it actually look if Fiverr decides to add a voice-messaging system?
I have tried my best to show you the best possible imaginary photos.
Below are the implementation examples:
On the website:

On the Mobile app:

What do you think of this idea? Comment below. Please Feel free to correct me If I am wrong anywhere.

I think it will help the sellers to understand the buyers more easily, like how they are expressing their emotions, the way they are describing the project or even a normal conversation. It will be great.
I am waiting for your response! :grinning::v:t5:

Note: If someone is not able to see the photos. click on it to view properly
– Manpreet


It is really a creative thinking. I think fiverr can introduce this kind of function for better buyer & seller communication.


Great suggestion. :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper:


Only if they understand their accent. And only if the buyer is actually talking in English (or in the seller’s language). Some buyers write in their native language, and use Google Translate to translate it to English.

Plus, if we go back to your example of speech writing, to writers, it’s typically much easier if they get their instructions in writing. Those instructions are easier to quickly check, too, instead of listening to all the voice messages several times.


Ok, I didn’t know about that. :hushed: But if you see, Fiverr will not force us to use the voice messaging system. It can be used as a second option to conversate.

Then they can simply forget about this feature and can normally use the messaging system. :grinning:


Only in certain categories and if sellers and buyers, both, speak the same language - specially English. If it is already a mess written communication between buyers and sellers due to lack of English language command, you can then imagen the rest. Adding to this, it will encourage seller discrimination and that’s not good.

On the other hand, as @catwriter said, there are categories that are better served through written instructions and, although this feature can be put as an option, once released, buyers unboubtedly will prefer talking instead of writing (Law of least effort).


I feel like this could just as well be a Con as more time consuming in many cases. If I have the communication in text, I can quickly skim and find relevant info vs. having to listen to audio files.

A nightmare probably especially for sellers with many returning customers. I wouldn’t want to have to listen to n audio files when someone comes back after half a year and writes (or says) “Please use the same style as last time” or something in the requirements.

Or if you want to quote something from a prior conversation.

I once had a customer who sent me an audio file. It took much more time to listen to that than it would have taken me to read a written text. I had to take notes. Listen again to make sure I didn’t miss anything important while taking notes. And the customer spoke my first language. If some people talk English like they write it, no chance to understand their audio messages. Written text is easier to guess.

So, not for me, no. If some people would like it, that’s fine by me, but I’d want a button to turn the option off then, like the “accepts custom orders” button, just a “doesn’t accept audio messages”.

Also, please think of the poor Customer Support guys and gals… :wink:


Yes, you’re right !!! Thank goodness you thought of poor them :sweat_smile: :wink:


It’s interesting, hopefully fiverr will think about it.


No please not. I want everything, all communications in writing. I know someone I employ who has been in this country for over twenty years, who was originally from Northern Africa, and I can’t understand her half the time and have to make her repeat what she says to me.

I’ve also met people from parts of the UK who, although from English speaking countries, I cannot understand one word of what they say.

I’ve also met a couple of people from parts of the American south that I couldn’t understand when they talked. There are also different dialects in America that are almost like a different language from English when spoken.

Some Americans talk with a great deal of slang which is something I sometimes have to find the definition for online.

In short, for the best international communication, written English is the way to go.


I would strongly advise anyone who advocates for features like this to actually go out there and work with clients via things like ■■■■■ and voice messaging first.

The idea that voice conversations and messaging increase productivity is a fallacy.

  • During discussions or when listening to voice messages, you have to take detailed notes. i.e. you have to effectively transcribe a buyers brief. If you don’t do this, you need to go back and re-listen to voice messages repeatedly
  • Verbal communication and voice messages are time consuming.

Most people are shockingly bad at articulating even simple concepts verbally. You also end up with project briefs which never end, not to mention projects which take significantly longer to complete. Your buyer has your number. Therefore they text, call, and leave voice messages whenever a new idea pops into their head. The minute you try to put a cap on that, the relationship turns sour.

  • Verbal communication increases your exposure to fraudsters. You can ignore a scammers email. Conversely, the minute a scammer has your number, they keep you on the line for as long as possible using well-rehearsed scripts. Most will also research you in-depth before making contact.

Lastly, you have lots of language barrier issues.

Where verbal communication works is in contexts where specific questions need to be asked and answered promptly. For any kind of creative work, verbal communication and messaging can only be effective when sellers cost the time and increased complexity of such communication into their pricing.

Lastly, having worked on platforms which do allow off-site communication, I can safely say that over 90% of leads which request voice contact are scams or just time wasters. It does not matter how you conduct a call, chats can go on for hours and go nowhere.

You are also forgetting that it would be easy using a voice messaging system to be banned or accused of wrongdoing, should buyers (like many inevitably will) leave messages saying: "Hi, um… This would be easier if you just contact me via Whatsapp on this number…"

I don’t mean to light a bonfire on top of your idea. I’ve just been there, done the voice thing and its simply a nightmare. Yes, verbal communication has a place. However, opening up the system you are proposing to everyone will just lead to time required to communicate even basic project briefs spiralling catacysmically out of control.


No. It’s a terrible idea.
As for the ambition to become the Amazon of services, one should have the economic power and the degree of organisation of Amazon.


Amazon almost never has had any glitches or bugs that I’m aware of.

The ease of use of the site is amazing. (Amazon now delivers food to my door from Whole Foods too, which I love.)

When your entire business depends on your site it helps to have it functioning perfectly, with a great ease of use, at all times. I only remember one time when Amazon was offline for about ten minutes.


Ok. :rofl: It’s safe to say that almost no one wants this type of feature. Good to know. :v:t5:


And not only that but also know the difference between provinding a service and selling goods.