Voice over (16 year old)


Hey! My name is Amanda. I’m 16. My goal here is to help others get what they need done. Fast and easy . Now I know I could be doing better things with my time for money. But I want to do something I enjoy doing, and that others say I’m pretty good at, so why not get payed for doing it. I enjoy to doing random accents. Such as a … Country accent, Indian accent, British accent, English accent, the Kardashian accent, and beach bum accent,a little girl, a guy accent or even a stupid person accent. You can use my voice over for anything really.
what do you need to do?.. 1)pick one accent. 2) Decide what you want to use it for. (That would include a script) 3. How would you like me to react?..sassy,mean, happy,funny,scared,bored… the list go’s on. (Pick one) 3) Then contact me for further information.
Depending on the task my prices range from 5-40$