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Voice Over and Royalty-Free Music

Is it worth it to get a subscription to a royalty-free music site for VO artists? Do people often buy that extra? Just wondering if it will pay for itself.

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It depends on how much you’re going to pay for the membership, but in our experience they do pay for themselves, and over the past couple of years have resulted in a profit. We assumed it would be video types who would order them, but more often-than-not the video designer is covering the music. We’ve actually found people ordering voicemails to be the main customer.

One low-risk option would be to offer it, but only sign up if/when a customer places an order?


It should totally pay for itself! I like envato elements, as not only do they have music, they have a gazillion other things as well (like graphics and stock photos etc etc). Plus you could pay that monthly and cancel if you don’t feel you’re getting value from it.


That should determine the amount you earn and the amount the Subscription Cost