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Voice Over Artists - Need Your Input

So my gig is 500 words $5, and then in the extras, I’ve got a scale for how much extra words cost. So lets say it’s a 2000 word script, it’s $5 for the first 500 words and then $40 extra for the 1500 other words.

Currently in my in box are 5 different scripts at 500 words each, from several different buyers, but the project is all for one script. If I run the orders this way and don’t call them out on it, I wind up losing out on about $50 less Fiverr’s take of course.

It’s not the first time this has happened and I’m pretty fed up with it. I think I’m going to cancel all the orders and call them out on it. Any suggestions? i’d be happy if anyone has suggestions on how to either prevent this or to set up my gig extras so this BS doesn’t happen. Thanks so much gang!

I really think you are offering too much for 5 $ Gig… Seriously i request you to consider your Gig offering … I really dont know how its working out for you… While all other Sellers in Voice Over Category offer Basic Gig which is for 5 $ upto 50 to 100 Words…If its more than that then the pricing varies like 101 - 200 words - 2 Gigs and so on…

Infact you are a Level 2 Seller so you shud be more careful with your Pricing … because Buyers lay more trust on your Gig as you are on Level 2 … Think about it …

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i have heard your voice sample… They are really good… Do not offer your voice for a cheap price… check out my gigs and my pricing !

Have you tried listing prices in the gig description? That’s easier to point out to buyers than the extras (some buyers don’t even understand how extras work).

Good idea. I’ll give that a whirl and see. :slight_smile:

And also i would like to say that This problem has arised because of you mentioning that upto 500 words its 5$ … Use Gig Packages also !!! Its easier to describe !

Hi janet_louise,

I am also currently offering 500 words for $5, and I’ve experienced kind of the opposite issue - I have people lumping multiple, completely unrelated projects, that together add up to 500 words, into one order.

Initially, I considered pointing out that wasn’t really the spirit of the system, that separate projects should be placed as separate orders.

But I’ve decided to just let it lie, accept it, keep quiet and just do it for now.

I’m only doing 500 words for $5 while I get myself established on the platform (have only been here about two weeks).

I’m going to halve the word count on Jan 1st, then work towards 100 words for $5 which seems to be the standard among the big voiceover sellers.

You seem to be very established, with lots of orders, so you might be in a good position to reduce your word count without it affecting the number of orders you get.

Good luck with whatever approach you decide!

Hello J,

I think you should do something about it :smiley:

May be use packages or change your prices? Or You may mention that in description like other voice over artists do. According to me your repeat buyers will still work with you because of your great voice! :wink:

Hello, Please I need your help on which software I could use for Voice Over Services? I need a more natural voice

Audacity is good and free software for recording voice over. If you want a premium software then go for Adobe Audition.

Hello janet,
You’re offering too much for 1 gig as other seller’s offer 125 to 150 words for 1 gig only and you can create package’s as well. I hope. You’ll figure it out soon.


Just chiming in here. First, I agree with what everyone else has said about changing your rates. I also wouldn’t scale them like you have with the first 500 as $5 and the next 1500 is $40. If $40-45 is what you want for 2000 words, then I would charge $5 for every 250 words. That way, in your current situation, you would be getting $50 dollars instead of $25. (Again, less the Fiverr fee.) I’m also not saying you SHOULD charge 250 for $5. I still think that’s too much work for too little money, but that’s just me. (My personal limit is 5-10 minutes. If I can record it, edit it, and get it out the door in 10 minutes, then it’s worth $5. That way I’m “technically” making $30-60/hour which is where I want to be.)

Just my take. Good luck!

Hi janet_louise. Nice voice samples! Why so cheap? The fellow voice-over artists are right. I sell 50-100 words for $5 in my (currently paused) Greek voice-over gig. Also, why don’t you make one more voice-over gig that would not only offer medical content voice-overs. I think you are limiting your potential buyers if you don’t. What do you think?

all the best :slight_smile: