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Voice Over Artists Survey

Did you guys get the VO survey? I’m thrilled they are inquiring about some of the challenges to VO artists…particularly about buyers purchasing commercial and broadcast rights (which I struggle with many clients bypassing despite it being highlighted in my gig). What have been your biggest issues that you would like to see changed?

Outside of the issue of rights, I would also say the ability to modify an order or cancel without impact to our ratings.

Looks like they are trying integrate VO artists into the Fiverr Pro too! Woohoo!

I would like to know how many VO artists feel the need to have a video/call chat option? (this is an introverts nightmare).


I got this survey a few minutes ago, I don’t need to vide/call chat option, but I am interested in the Fiverr Pro :slight_smile:


I got the survey, too.

I know voice/video chat can be an introvert’s least favorite thing, but as a voice artist it can be really important to have the client listen in real time on the read to offer feedback. Text messaging doesn’t cover it all, and attached audio files take too much time.

Buyers trying to bypass commercial/broadcast rights is definitely a huge concern. I’ve cancelled orders in the past because, after the order was started, it became obvious that the project was commercial/broadcast and the buyer acted like the “Extra” offer for licensing was a personal insult.


I can relate! Definitely frustrating…since they asked us this question, I’m hopeful they will find s solution for us.


Hey, @Solwonder! :hibiscus:


Actually, another VO Seller (a good friend of mine) messaged me about this survey. A couple of minutes later I received it. I spent about 20-minutes on this survey. Yuppers! I had to collect my thoughts; the questions hit certain spots and I had a lot to say. :sweat_smile:

‘Some’ Buyers not paying for the Commercial/Buyout rights is a deal-breaker. :broken_heart: On the other side of the fence, yanno the PAID membership platforms. The clients eagerly & generously PAY for the proper licenses. I’ve expressed some other concerns, I won’t air out the dirty laundry here, but it had to be said.

It’s definitely not a secret that I’m in favor of a PAID Video/Chat feature. I’ve talked about this many times on the forums. Outside of 5r, I typically have :telephone: telephone conversations with clients and sometimes video chat. (if necessary)

Also, I’m sure they would include an audio-only feature, with a webcam you could use a backdrop in lieu of being on :video_camera: camera.

I loathe the fact that they took away packages, some may agree or disagree but packages made my life easier on this platform.

The questions asked, sounds like many of us are on the same page. :ok_hand:t4:

Finally, Fiverr Pro is being considered for VO Artists. Should be interesting!
I answered those questions candidly. :smile:

If they introduced 5r Pro in the VO cat, are you going to apply?


I’ve tired of Buyer’s trying to get a NYC recording session experience worth hundreds from a gig on Fiverr costing a few dollars. So, I’ve recently began offering a 30 minute “Full Director’s Package” with my VO gig. For $75 dollars I’ll call them from my smart phone and let them direct me while I record. Then, I’ll send them the edited and fully mastered audio file through Fiverr for their acceptance. If this discourages resellers then so be it.

If that doesn’t work, and a video/chat isn’t implemented here, then I’ll delete my VO gig, because as it stands trying to interpret what a Buyer wants is ridiculously impossible through messaging.


I’ll have to keep an eye out for this :slight_smile:


:bulb: Brilliant idea! I hope it works for you. I currently don’t offer this :telephone: service. Because everything is like blah at the moment. Currently, I’m in OOO taking a much needed break.

I feel like VO artists ability to sell on this platform is limited – in terms of the tools that are needed.

@loganstover Hope all is well with ya! :wink:

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I told them an actual live link to one of the audio files in our descriptions would be good. As 1 minute is normally just enough time to showcase your demo reel. Copy and pasting added links to our description is cheesy and im sure no one does it after they have watched the video. Also the first question was about Fiverr pro. My answer is that (respectfully) some VO’s have bad or no idea how to post process. So something needs to be done about that. we need an ACX quality style process


@nikavoice Awesome as always, thanks! Took a 3 week vacation with my wife to Europe. :heart: Back to work again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hope you are doing well :star_struck:


Kuddos to you for hanging on. I thought you gave up after you posted this a while back? :arrow_down:

I have been here for 4 years and I never had an issue. I personally don’t need a video chat and would not offer it on Fiverr under no circumstances.

Your “Full Director’s Package” sounds promising. Maybe it will work in the long run since there are VO sellers here who offer direct Skype sessions too.

Good luck.


I received the survey myself, even though I am not a VO artist. :slight_smile:

So I didn’t take it, but I think we will need an option to offer video/voice chat soon.


Hey Nika! So good to hear from you! I bet you light up the room in real life too :wink: Hope you’re enjoying your break. I need my Woosa days off myself from time to time.

I really hope this feature will be optional. I haven’t had the need to use video chat…I did have one person ask me once but I refused it and he moved on…but that’s a good idea to use a backdrop instead. Thanks!

So many changes, I agree it would be nice to have the option to format our gigs in various ways.

Yes! I think they’re putting the feelers out on the biggest issues we have faced…Although I will say all in all, my Fiverr experiences have been mostly positive so I’m excited for more changes that are coming.

I’m unsure what the criteria will be but I am definitely curious and will be keeping an eye out. What about you? Wishing us ALL success with these upcoming changes!


I do hope this works out well for you!


That’s a great idea!


I also haven’t found the need for it…at least yet! Hope you’re doing well Anna :grinning:


I wonder if there will be a charge to offer this feature :thinking: I’m unsure why we would really need a video option…I personally think we should be able to convey what we want in a basic phone convo but I suppose it’s helpful to some VO artists and I completely understand how this would be beneficial for Fiverr PRO’s since one can be directed during recordings.


Nice!! Ahh returning renewed! :slight_smile:


They selected Top Rated Sellers and did a pretty good job, no? I like the talent they selected and can understand why they were selected as well. I am inspired by the talent in the VO category. I never look at other artists as competition, but inspiration.


Aw, that’s very sweet of you to say, thank you. :blush: You’re the 6th person to say this to me this week. I guess my personality really shines bright like a :gem: diamond. :grin:

I’m getting a ton of R&R and pampering. I even had a lovely SPA day, which was nice. :nail_care:t4:

Friends are trying to tempt me to go :cloud: skydiving.

I was like nah, not even if they tried to bribe me with a pair of Louboutins. :upside_down_face:

I truly want to see this platform succeed for all the right reasons. I definitely want Sellers to thrive and be the best they can be. Just like life, in general, we can’t always have our :cake: and eat it too.

So, I’m just going with the flow and taking things one step at a time.

I’ll definitely consider applying – never say never. :wink:

Have a FAB weekend! :kiss: :pineapple:

Ahem, are you thinking about becoming one? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I remember telling you in the past. I loved your VO for the how to leave a review tutorial. :wink:

Definitely! :ok_hand:t4: :tada: As long as they make it optional it’s all gravy.