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Voice over artists won't do revisions


twice now I requested revisions after voice over gig (by 2 different people) was handed and twice they didn’t respond to my request. only after I purchased another gig.

although they both stated clearly they do revisions if text isn’t changed.

what can I do about it?


Depends what your revision was. I mean; if you gave unclear instructions at the start, why should they revise it?


Did you request a modification within the time line??? I mean before the order was marked complete???

mayawek said: although they both stated clearly they do revisions if text isn't changed.

what can I do about it?
If it honestly wasn't your fault and what they provided isn't usable, cancel if it's not too late, and use the credit to hire someone whose feedback mentions standing behind their revision policy.

Good luck!


I’m so sorry to hear that, as it lowers all voice over artists credibility when this happens :frowning: I would in the future make sure you confirm this before ordering so if they then refuse you can show it to Fiverr. Best of luck in future purchases, and keep me in mind if you ever need a female voice :slight_smile:



Doing revises in audio production could be a lot of work. What kind of revise did you ask for exactly? And how much did you pay for each of the 2 gigs?


I have had a great voice over with no problems and revisions too…fortunately. I hope you get this resolved!


If you had trouble twice, I think I’d look at my instructions more carefully. Hopefully you can find someone who can do it right for you.

mayawek said: and twice they didn't respond to my request.

If they didn't respond, this a simply a communication issue, not a revision issue - give them time to message you back and then if you don't hear back within 24-hours or so I'd message them again.

In the mean time, I would re-read the Gig description for anything you might have missed when you placed your order so you know what is advertised (see if it matches what was delivered) and review your initial specs. Communication is key to getting what is advertised and expected to be delivered.

When it comes to revisions, many Sellers do not offer revisions unless they make a mistake with the material provided and do require Buyer's purchase a new order if they have new specs. If you have new specs following delivery that are different from what you initially provided, you should express your concerns and ask if you will need to order again. This might be the case when it comes to their revision policy.