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Voice over commercial rights, unlimited end products?


I have a question about commercial rights on voice over. I want to buy a voice over for a video end card and want to use that on every video I make in the future.

If I buy the license with commercial rights do I have to purchase a license for every end product (new video) or do I buy the license and then I own the VO and I can put it on how many videos I want?



Commercial use means use for whatever as long as it isn’t on tv. It isn’t a per-appearance license.

If I buy full broad cast rights? I can do unlimited uses?

After your initial order (with commercial rights) with the seller, your rights are included whenever you use that voice. Like a podcast intro or outro. That’s the advantage of Fiverr…it’s more affordable for most buyers!

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Yes that means you are paying for the right to use that voice in a broadcast such as TV or traditional radio. Again, with private voice artists, you may have been granted a certain time period like 6 months or a year. On Fiverr you are purchasing the voice and the right to use it on a broadcast in perpetuity. Pretty simple right! Yay Fiverr!

Thank you very much! That is very affordable cause im aiming to use the voice over on national TV broadcast. A professional voice over company quoted 4000 dollars for full TV rights. In fiverr it will only cost 100 dollars. Very affordable!

It also depends on the Seller you select. My feeling is you are paying already to have my voice so the extra broadcast fee is there just so we are all clear on how you can use it. There are amazing voices on Fiverr who only charge $10-20 for rights. To me, I would pay you to hear my voice on television lol! All voice artists want the National Ad! But there are some of us who just want to put out quality work and everything else will fall into place. If I give you an amazing branded voice, you will be back.


If you were swedish native speaking I would hire you :wink:

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It’s incredible how many diverse and talented people are on Fiverr. I can speak a little Spanish but at a pre school level lol!