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Voice Over Event

Hey everyone. Short warning - but wanted to remind everyone that we have a voice over focused event coming up in an hour. It’ll be an opportunity to chat with other voice over artists and learn from each other. All are welcome!

Join/RSVP here:


I attended for just a few minutes and was a little confused by the chosen platform. I was surprised it wasn’t on Zoom. As soon as I logged on I was asked to “get on stage” and I didn’t know what that meant. Turned out I couldn’t stick around anyway so I logged off. Did you end up discussing things like how to grow your VO business on Fiverr or anything related to Fiverr and being a Fiverr VO seller? When is the next one? I want to be sure I make it and can stay a while. Thanks!

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Hey Scott! Thanks for joining even if it was for a few. Yes - we ended up discussing exactly those things and then some - pricing & extras strategy, standing out on Fiverr as a VO artist, industry tips, and lots more.

There will be some non-voice over specific events in the coming few weeks, but then we’ll be doing more voice over events soon. Check here to stay updated on events:

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Is there any chance of hosting any of this content and making it available to view, for those of us who were unable to attend?

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It’s a great question and great idea. The first few we’ve had weren’t recorded, but we will think of ways to make the info available after. But highly recommend you join as well! So far these are all interactive events.

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It’d be great for us folks to catch a VOD of it. I couldn’t attend but I’d love to hear what was discussed :slight_smile: