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Voice over - gig action required (RESOLVED)

I got a message from Fiverr asking me to review my voice over gig set up. The message talked about pricing, scripts, etc. I didn’t quite get or understand what I’m being asked to do. Fiverr says I have until 8th of August to make the changes, as they are making changes/improvement to voice over services. Any other person experienced this? What am I to do or change, please?

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Here you go:

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Everybody in the category is getting that message.

Be sure to watch the video after you take the link.
[MOM Bragging] My adult son (DonnyVoice) is the voice on that video. :slight_smile:

It explains what is changing, and gives suggestions for handling those changes.

A win for most of us in the VO category.


thanks. this was very helpful

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You’re very welcome! :slight_smile:

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