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Voice over gig removed due to package wording problem, but I didn't have a package (we cannot)


For our education.


I just had my American voice-over gig removed due to problems with wording in packages. I never had a package and I believe all packages ended in June 2017 and this has been discussed.

I’ll post the email to see if anyone can help me understand what 5r is saying here. CS is not detailed in their explanation. My group friends are helping all they can.

Many thanks,


BTW, my gig has been full of words since March of 2016 and this has never changed. Ask me anything.


Hello, was this the first time they had mentioned a problem with this gig?

You are saying you didn’t have packages on the gig?


Correct. I had no packages on the gig.


So if you got that message before and didn’t have packages did you ask customer support why you were getting them?


Pretty frequently. I’ve had conversations with Tech Support and customer service.


I tried making corrections on my description page based on what I understood.


We aren’t supposed to share personal contact information on fiverr.


Thank you for the information