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Voice Over Gigs from A to Z


Advertising your business — ok there’s the A

Zoo tour videos — there’s the Z

Hello fellow Fiverrs: bigmouthvoice here with an invite to see all our voice gigs –

from voice mail messages to Optimus Prime imitations,

movie trailer voices, team intro’s; and even Santa Claus for the upcoming holiday !

Voice is all we do and we’d love to do it for you. Thanks and I love the new Forum :(|)


You didn’t place your link in your message but it sounds like some great gigs, good luck to you


Greetings Bigmouthvoice. I have a question about your equipment? Could you share your hardware setup?




Reply to @tn5rr2012: Indeed. good idea — I had it in my head they would just click on my Username. Apologies — here are several

DJ Drops:

Optimus Prime:

General VO:




Reply to @elliott22x: Adobe Audition and an MXL. I love Adobe’s on board goodies. Working my way up to ProTools and a Sen416

Let’s not forget the pop screen, mic arm, speakers, computer, desk, keyboard with shortcuts, monitor, laptop, e-mail service, stock music + fx — Hey I thought somebody told me you could get into Voice Over cheap !! Lol

Your stuff sounds great by the way !


Reply to @bigmouthvoice: I hear you about the Voice over work not being cheap! I am working on building a “cheap” recording booth and it’s anything but cheap. ha

By the way. Your Peter Cullen/Optimus Prime impression is amazing. I love it!

I too want a SEN416. I recently got through a Voice Over class and did a mic shoot out with that and about 5 other mics (AKG414, Neumann102, etc…). I loved the sound from the 416 though.

Are you using an MBOX to digitally convert your signal to the PC? Right now I have a mixer and I dump that into a handheld MP3 player but I am going to sell off all that equipment to upgrade my setup. I also have this RE20 that is good, but is not great for VO work. I need a condenser.


I think your Santa one will be a big hit in the next few weeks, good luck with your success


Who knew there was so much VO work to be had online. I have been on my knees grateful I found fiverr a month ago… even more grateful some unknown buyer urged me to put up a video.

On a sidenote… I’ve heard really good things about the “blue” microphones from people who are hardcore audio snobs. Have you heard of these? Insanely affordable and I was told comparable to the Neumann’s.