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VOICE OVER: Give Artistic People the Entire Recording Session

After over 2 years on Fiverr, it finally dawned on me. There are those who are so artistically inclined, that no matter what YOU present to them, they will never be satisfied.

This post is about Voice Over in general. In specific, it is about buyers seeking a voice for a techno/dance track. It has been my experience that buyers who want a voice over for “artistic” purposes want to “feel” every nuance of every word. It has to be EXACTLY as they envisioned it in their head, or they will give you a bad review.

My advice to VO talent on fiverr: Don’t send them what YOU think is the best take. Send them what YOU think is the best take, and also include a secondary file with the ENTIRE recording session for them to pick and choose what they want.

I recently did this with one of these artistic, extremely picky buyers, and it worked like a charm - 5 star rating !!!

Bottom line is, give them the FULL RECORDING SESSION, with as many variations as possible, and they will be happy clients.


I’ve often wondered this. I might give it a go.

truth! Sometimes your voice that sounds good to you isn’t what they want so you got to give them a bunch of choices. Works great for my voice overs too. Good stuff!

Excellent advice stevebatesvo! That can save one a lot of time. I have tried that in the past, when I had a Voice Over gig on Fiverr and my buyers where happily surprised and delighted to also receive the entire recording session.