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Voice Over Needed!



First off, my idea is to find fiverr sellers offering services complimentary to what I offer. Initially, this is what I thought. I am an animator and I am looking to tie up with voice over artists.

Now, in my line of work I always get the “Do you do voiceover?” question every time. And my answer is, unfortunately, no. But, I’m sure there are all kinds of amazing voice over talents here on fiverr so I would like to connect with a couple of sellers that I could point to.

My reason is simple. I don’t do VO but if I could point people to some awesome VO talents, it makes me look good (like I’m very friendly and I know a lot of people) plus I retain the customer for the actual video work. Then I get the bonus of maybe getting a few referrals for video work from my voice over pals from time to time ^_^.

If there are portfolio for visual artists, demo reels for videographers, what do voice over artists call their samples? I’m almost sure it’s not permitted to put links on here but how would people know which VO artist has the accent they are looking for? I ask because if I was looking for a VO talent with a “Southern American Accent”, do I go to their gigs page a listen to samples on there?

How do you tie up with other fiverr sellers?


Youtube links are allowed? That’s cool. I though any kind of link is prohibited. Nice to know. Thanks!