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Voice over order accepted/where will I find script?

I have received my first voiceover order and it has been accepted. Requirements have been sent, however I cannot find the script anywhere. I have messaged the buyer with no response. Where should the script be when it’s available? Will it be sent to my email?


Communication outside of Fiverr is strictly forbidden, so no.

On the order page, in the requirements.

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When you created your gig, did you ask for a script in the ‘Requirements’ section? Keep in mind, you have to write these out yourself, so it’s up to you to make it clear to buyers what you need. Our first requirement is “Please attach a copy of your script, preferably in Word format, but we can accept most other formats, including PDF.” It’s a mandatory field, so buyers can’t submit requirements without attaching something.


We had ironed everything out in chat beforehand. It is now an active order and there’s no script in the requirements. My clock is counting down. Is this an instance where I would use the resolution center to modify the order?

If you chatted about it prior to the order, did they maybe send the script in chat already? I often need to see files before I can send an offer, so in those cases, I often have the file/s already and will sometimes even deactivate the requirements, so the buyer won’t need to attach the same file again.

You can use the resolution center and choose the “ask for time extension” option, there are mutiple reasons to click, including “buyer didn’t provide requirements” or something like that.
However, when you do that, you’ll see a pop-up telling you that the buyer has 4 days to respond to that request - while in the respective Help Center Article, it says they have 48 hours, so no idea which one is correct - so if your deadline is before that happens, your order will be late.

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Thank you, that was very helpful. The script wasn’t in the chat, I messaged him on the order, I’ll simply give them a little more time before I take any action. Thanks again.

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