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Voice-over People on Fiverr - can I ask you something?

Hello fellow Voice Actors/Voice-Overs/Voice Talent, and whatever else you call yourselves :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a genuine request here.

If you get a moment could you have a look at my Voice-Over Narration/Explainer Gig and tell me what you think of it?

The specific reason for asking is that I have been on Fiverr for around 6 months now and done 17 voice-over jobs. 16 of them have earned 5-star reviews (the other one got a little tricky but we resolved it in the end to his satisfaction, but the process took a while by which time the chance to review had gone).

But what is blowing my mind is that NO-ONE BUYS from my Gig page. Basically ALL the sales have been through Buyers’ Requests.

So I am in this bizarre situation where I am well on my way to Level 1, and appear on page 1 for Voice-over New Sellers adult males who do a British accent, but I still get practically no-one looking at my Gig. Around 40-50 impressions a day and about 1 click a day, which is obviously dreadful.

Yet I have the proof that I do an excellent job with all the 5-star reviews. And as I say, I feature in the top 50 Voiceover males in my particular New Seller niche. And also I have tweaked and honed the Gig description etc. I am aware of tags etc. And hopefully I don’t look horrendous! But none of it makes the slightest difference…

I don’t understand what I am doing wrong.

When you look at the Gig page you’ll see that I have now put in Commercial and Broadcast rights FOR FREE until the end of this year. That wasn’t there before - I have just done that in sheer desperation to try and get some actual sales from the page.

It seems to me that there’s something weird going on, and I’d love you to cast some light on it if you can…

Should I add more Gigs (some people say that dilutes the message)?

Should I not show my face (since it shows I have gray hair), and use an avatar instead?

Should I charge more?

Should I charge less?

if not any of those, then WHAT?? I am tearing my hair out…

I’d be grateful for ANY constructive advice.

Thank you very much… :pray:


I feel like I am in that Matrix where thing repeat over and over. I have seen this question by you already multiple times.

It was something along the line you got all your ordered from BR, nothing from people coming at your GIG and choosing you.

Since you have this constant issue how about try different things and run them for a month to see what will happen?

Create a new profile image, maybe get a logo and try it out, thumbnail and try it out… make a video that follows your script…(cartoon or explainer or typography or something)

You are not in the Matrix. I am that person. Desperation will make a man do strange things! I like your ideas…Yes, I think it’s time for doing one change at a time along the lines of what you suggest…Thank you…

Hi there! I’ve looked over your gig. You provide enough information in your gig description and your audio quality is overall solid, however, I did notice several pops, clicks, and noise floor hum in your second clip, but that is not the reason why you aren’t getting turnover.

Your gig title and related tags are very broad and general, meaning your gig will be competing against a plethora of similarly titled and tagged gigs. I would recommend creating a new gig and injecting as much of your personality and individuality as possible.

I myself am still a relative newbie in voice over in Fiverr, but in my observations, it seems the gigs that convey more of the artist’s own unique characteristics and personality seem more engaging and attractive than the sea of generic, cold, sterile gigs. After all, the voice over category really is about buying the actor, not just simply the voice.


I was going to make a couple of samples for your logo/profile image and thumbnails but I got an order request the same time I started to create something.

Write some things on paper, make some sketches, take a look what other voa’s are doing not for copycatting :slight_smile: but just for inspiration and to see what you like and do not like.

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Hey enunciator
I thank you for your reply. And it gives me food for thought…Very interesting in fact. I will think more about what you said and I genuinely appreciate the time you took to write. Break a lip (as they say!)…

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That would have been very interesting, marinapomorac, especially because I am not sure what you mean by samples or thumbnails.

I have done lots of looking at what others are doing, to try to work things out, but I do feel inspired now, thanks to you and enunciator to try various things to solve this.

As might be true in your niche too (I am not sure what it is but will look it up), my jaw often drops at the results of Fiver’s Algorhythms. In my case there are quite a few people with no sales or 1 sale consistently coming above my 16 5-star reviews. And I total understand why Newbies should be given a chance, that’s the right thing to do, but I don’t understand why that higher position is still being given to those people after, say, 4-6 months and still only having 1 sale…

This thing is completely random and mindless. I sometimes find gigs on the first page of the search and the people are not using the site for years, services on hold for over 5 years and their GIG is still in the search results.

Samples of logos, I had this idea of microphone in UK flag with or without a cartoon version of your profile in the background as logo/profile image, and for thumbnails, I though of GIG thumbnails, and images, right now for some reason your GIG displayed your video which is OK but it is not your head only your eyes zoomed so it looks kinda strange. You could add something in the video and then select that still image as a thumbnail to be displayed for the video.
There is this one VOA with an amazing portfolio. Let me look it up.

Here, it is her:

Her video is like “business how to one on one”.

It’s more like this isn’t it, so a bit more than what you showed but yes, I am sure my visual identity could be better. It’s not a video, it’s an audio clip though…

Yes I should maybe look at a cartoon version of me perhaps (is that an Avatar?).

My daughter did this, but it doesnt really work and mkes me look too young (but she is only 14!)…

I would be interested in seeing the portfolio of the guy who got it right in your opinion…Visual stuff is not my strength (clearly!)

Rule number one when dealing with me: “Do not mention it is child artwork since I will never put anything and anyone above children.”
One of my GIG is for children’s artwork tracing in vector.
Here, first drafts of your profile image sample:


Just as a homage to your child spending time drawing it is worth using it for a month.
But we need to separate emotions from business. :smiley: The drawings I vectorized in my GIG are by my daughter and I am hoping she will continue to work as artist and not get crushed by world need to have a “real job”.


WOW marinapomorac.

Thank you so much! And on your Sunday night too! I like the third one best.

My daughter is a talented artist and I paid her so don’t worry! I am going to look at your Gig and see what your duaghter did because mine is expressing interest in doing hand-made Greetings Cards here on Fiverr…

The only thing I wondered about her image (and therefore yours) is whether she could have made my mouth curve upwards, otherwise I look a bit sulky (especially because she made my eyes very dark, whereas in reality they are blue), and I am enthusiastic to work on people’s voice-overs not sulky…But I didnt want to trouble her any more (short attention span, you know how it is…)

You can claim a little voiceover from me anytime you want one, in return…

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This is a vector trace so I can do anything to it.
Here is the vector file of it:

voa child work

Thank you, but this is what I do all the time. I have this thing where I am like motivated and inspired by weird things at strange times and I just have to draw it or draw something.

and this is my daughter’s artwork, she likes this style and black white

Thanks. I like that, it’s improved it. .

I think that’s great, you are putting it out there and it will come back 5-fold I am sure…I am glad I was tonight’s weird thing to work on :joy:

I saw her work and it’s great. is she older then mine?. She has a future, for sure. Clearly in the genes…

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  1. 16 soon.
    She loves art but she is like a realist and thinks cant make money out of it so she pushes that part aside while I am here buying art supplies and all since I had talent in art and I had to let it go and “Get a real job”.

Regrets… a lot of regrets.

I have made your image my new primary image.
You are totally right, shake things up if they are not working. It cannot have worse results than I have been having.

Well here’s hoping to our daughters…And to our future sucess here and elsewhere. Great to ‘meet’ you!


Thank you.
Also do not forget @enunciator advice to make more GIGs so your profile is more frequent on VO search and check to see how she approached the VO marketing.


That’s amazing. I was looking at earlier. She’s great and another supportive individual.

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